Free wiFi

We’ve all been there. You’re travelling through the city, maybe from a business meeting in Paddington or from a Hotel Near Hyde Park London, and you run out of data. You’re in a rush and you need the internet to work out where you’re going next. Whilst many underground stations will have wifi, you might be too far away from them to use one, or perhaps you need to send off a quick email, which is slightly difficult at rush hour on the tube. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of the best places in the city to relax and unwind with wifi.


National Gallery

What better place to relax and unwind than at the National Gallery, one of the most beautiful places to find free wifi. Whether it’s to look up information on one of the many pre-20th century artists in the gallery or it’s just to find your way around the maze, the National Gallery is a great place for free wifi. What’s more, the exhibits are free as well, giving you a chance ot

Royal Albert Hall

Another stunning view with your Wifi, the Royal Albert Hall is home to a beautiful cafe and bar as well as some of the best concerts in the city. Whether pop or classical, there’s nothing quite like this iconic building. And whilst the venues concerts may not be free, the wifi certainly is, and gives you a great view over Hyde Park. If you’re staying in the Grand Royale London Hyde Park Hotel and realise that you need some internet connection then Royal Albert Hall is the perfect stop off point, overlooking the beautiful park.

Rough Trade East

If you’re in Shoreditch and looking for a place to listen to some amazing music, drink great locally brewed beer and stumble upon your next favourite band, all over a nice dollop of free wifi, then Rough Trade East is the place for you. This record label has been running since the 70’s, and finding a spot in both West London and East London, two shops have opened up in the capital which give music lovers to discover and rediscover some of the best music out there.


The Roundhouse in Camden is one of the most inclusive music and performance venues in the city, and its wifi is inclusive too! With a great cafe and bar area, you can relax with a nice crisp wine whilst scrolling through information online about which of the Roundhouses shows you should see next.

Hackney Picturehouse

Independent cinemas are known for their great cafe and bar areas, providing a relaxing ambiance alongside their stellar film rostra. The Picturehouse is no different, with its comfy seating and great range of amenities, the lounge of the picturehouse in Hackney is perfect for getting online and learning a little about that film you’re about to see. With the social hustle and bustle of Hackey in the background, this is a great place to unwind with free Wifi.