London is well known for its incredible theatre scene. From the West End glamour to the canals near the hotels of Bayswater, London has a range of amazing theatres both on and off the beaten track. Not only this, but the city is home to some of the best theatre experiences out there. With its incredible range of museums, rehearsal spaces and drama schools, you won’t be able to walk down a single street in the city without finding a budding actor or creative in the industry.

Theatre Experience

And that’s one of the great things about the city, with so much opportunity comes so many like minded people, and whilst the city may be large, the theatre network is well connected. Looking for a great show? Simply ask someone in the street!

Whether you’re looking for a great fringe show or a big West End Musical, London is home to the best.


Located just off of Piccadilly Circus, the Gielgud is over a century old and holds over 900 seats. With a long history, the grand facade is inviting in and of itself, whilst the theatre being shown there is often of a very high standard. With the sell out success of The Ferryman this year, the Gielgud has only increased in popularity, and whether you’re looking for a Noel Coward classic or a play starring Maggie Smith, the Gielgud is one of those theatres where you’ll find some of the most memorable and powerful productions ever seen. For those staying at the Grand Royale London Hyde Park Hotel, this hotel is easily reachable.

The National Theatre

The National Theatre is one of the most well known arts buildings in the city. Located on the South Bank, the National is a theatre which hulks over the beautiful skyline with its concrete facade, its exterior as powerful as the work in inside. The National Theatre is known for championing the best in national talent and holds many workshops, educational group sessions and plays suitable for all the family. Whatever your tastes, the National will have a play for you.

Old Vic

The Old Vic is based in Waterloo and is a thousand seat theatre showing some of the best theatre out there, both contemporary and classic. The Old Vic has had many names and incarnations but its core opened up in the year 1818, making it a whopping 200 years old. With shows from the likes Tom Stoppard and David Grieg, the Old Vic is well known for its highly praised theatrical productions.

The Bunker

The Bunker is a fringe theatre based near London Bridge which focuses on new writing and establishing new voices. The Bunker is a great example of finding those hidden gems in London and the next big thing in an intimate space.

Globe Theatre

Shakespeare’s Globe has been around for hundreds of years and is now one of the most famous theatres in the world. With its traditional in the round stage and traditional theatre pieces harking back to the days of Shakespeare himself, the Globe is a must for historians and theatre lovers alike.