Top Tips For A Romantic Weekend In London

weekend in london

Though it may only be the start of the year, the cold weather in London is more than enough reason to make the sparks fly with your partner with a weekend away. The city of London is famous for being a place of adventure and romance and has seen countless love stories unfold in fiction – and real life. Loved up guests of the Grand Royale Hotel London are well placed to sample the romantic delights of the city, and in the process get to know each other a little bit better.

With its layered history, one-of-a-kind entertainment scene and a plethora of stunning vistas to inspire that wanderlust, London is a city that embodies passion and excitement. But where to start, especially with Valentine’s Day just around the corner? This blog will provide guests of  Bayswater accommodation with some romantic London tips, outlining the landmarks and experiences that you and your partner will cherish as unforgettable memories.

Perfect Match Landmarks 

Below are some of the one of a kind landmarks that will provide the perfect backdrop for you and your partners to escape to the city. From ancient parklands to man made wonders, these are the most romantic landmarks in London. 

A Trip On The London Eye 

A Trip On The London Eye

Though technically an activity, the London Eye is also a striking piece of architecture on the SouthBank of the central Thames. There’s nothing quite like drinking in the 25 mile panorama (on a clear day) from 135 metres in the air. With 32 capsules and plenty of upgrades that include champagne and provide booths, a trip on the London Eye is the perfect introduction to the city, and an intimate experience in and of itself. 

Statue Of Anteros 

Statue Of Anteros

Amidst the hustle and bustle of Piccadilly Circus, this statue, made in memory of the Victorian 7th Earl of Shaftesbury is mounted with a winged sculpture depicting Anteros, the God of selfless love. Whilst the noise and chaos of Piccadilly Circus certainly doesn’t scream “love is in the air”, this statue attracts many photos thanks to its heroic figure. Though Anteros’s brother Eros – or Cupid – represents love as well, Anteros symbolises a more “reflective, mature love” according to its sculptor Alfred Gilbert. 

Postman’s Park 

Though its memorial wall may be one that evokes an air of tragedy, the reflective and peaceful Postman’s Park is actually rather romantic in its ambiance, balancing out the sadness of its “Memorial To Heroic Self-Sacrifice”. Located in the Smithfield area of the City of London, Postman’s Park’s memorial is dedicated to hundreds of people who gave their lives helping others and who otherwise might have been forgotten. London has a rainy temperament, and there’s nothing as romantic as sheltering from the downpour under the monument’s rooftop. The monument was used as a major plot point in the romantic drama film Closer, starring Jude Law and Nathalie Portman, further adding to its mystique. 

Sky Garden 

The Sky Garden at Number 20 Fenchurch Street is a free to visit (with pre booking) observation deck and indoor garden, towering over the city of London from 40 floors above ground level. The garden, accompanying restaurants and bars all serve as an idyllic and rather futuristic respite from the busy city below. Visitors can enjoy stunning views over the City of London, whilst weekly DJ and live music events add to what would no doubt be a perfect date. 

Primrose Hill 

If it’s fresh air you’re after, escape the concrete on a romantic walk through Regent’s Park. at its north end, you’ll find popular picnicking spot Primrose Hill, which offers beautiful views over the cityscape. In the spring and summer, this is the perfect place for a picnic. 

Point Hill

Another natural born viewpoint, and one that’s situated close to the more famous Greenwich Observatory Hill. Whilst the latter is almost always busy thanks to also being a monument to the line of Greenwich Meridian, Point Hill, about a ten minute walk from Greenwich Park, is far quieter. With its views over the Isle of Dogs having a certain immediacy to them, this little park is jaw dropping at sunset, when the lights of the Canary Wharf Skyscrapers begin turning on one by one.

Magical Activities 

Landmarks are one thing, but actually sharing an experience with your partner adds a whole new sense of adventure. London is full of options for date days, and guests of Central London hotel special offers are well placed to enjoy many of them. 

Sample A London Market

London MarketWhilst the Grand Royale London Hyde Park restaurant is an intimate spot for a dinner date, first-time tourists might be looking for something a little more “on the move”. Cue London’s many food markets, serving up sizzling international cuisine and tantalising the taste buds of food tourists the world over.

Start off at Borough Market, where the artisan caterers cook up a storm in one of London’s most electrifying sheltered markets. The historic Borough Market has existed for almost 150 years, whilst Shoreditch’s Brick Lane food market – taking place bimonthly in its food hall – has a chic vibrant quality.

To capture a sense of shared discovery with your partner, move out from the food market or antiques, vintage fashion and arts and crafts markets. Portobello Market is probably the most famous, whilst Greenwich Market is another much-loved addition. 

A Night Out In Soho 

Whether it be a West End show or a late night jazz club outing, Soho is an area of London that’s inspired countless artists. The bustling streets of Chinatown, the thriving bars and neon lights all coalesce into a dreamlike landscape that is best experienced with loved ones. 

A Royal Park Ramble 

For something a little quieter, the royal parks of London all have their own individual characters. Numbering 8 in total, the likes of Richmond Park and Kensington Gardens are large enough that you’ll have some true quality time with your partner, and plenty of natural beauty to delight in together.