Why London Is The Perfect Destination For A European City Trip

Why London Is The Perfect Destination For A European City Trip

Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, all these cities have their unique draws, whether that be a one of a kind nightlife, high end shopping or a vibrant historic quarter. London and its special offer London hotels stand out though as a European holiday destination, thanks in part to its sheer international allure. London locals are an incredible mixture of nationalities, all drawn to the city for its perfect balance of culture and economy. The many business sectors, entertainment industry and of course the tourism industry has coalesced into a city teeming with opportunity.

And with thriving business comes burgeoning tourism. The city has grown to develop a thriving tourist industry, with one of the best museum sectors in the world, famous entertainment districts and of course luxury hotels like the Grand Royale London. So if you’re undecided on the destination of your next European city break, London should definitely be top of your list. This blog will outline in more detail what exactly makes London the prime holiday destination for more than 30 million visitors each year.

Nearly 2000 Years Of History 

London was originally built by the Romans in AD 47 but wasn’t originally their capital. Whilst Coilchester thrived as the Roman heart of England, Londinium was merely a trading town. As Roman authority withered, the city became the capital of the country, whilst many of the Roman structures and artefacts are still being uncovered to this day. What makes museums such as the Museum of London and the British Museum such exciting places to visit is that archaeologists are still discovering new aspects to the city and learning about its past. With so much history to dig into, guided street tours and world-renowned heritage landmarks, London is the tourism gift that keeps on giving. 

Eclectic Attractions 

But it’s not just history that guests of hotels in Bayswater Road London can dive into. London’s diverse attractions means that there is something to enjoy here for tourists of all tastes. From dazzling shows at the Royal Opera House to laugh-a-minute thrill rides at the South Bank’s Shrek’s Adventure attraction, London caters to all ages.

For example, Hyde Park in Central London is equipped with its own contemporary art gallery, cafes, bars and restaurants as well as memorials, sculptures and state of the art playgrounds for children. The West End theatres, live music events and daily children’s workshops at the South Bank Centre all exemplify how London caters to everyone from the ages of 1 to 100. 

The Glamour Of The West End 

We’ve mentioned the West End but it’s worth digging deeper into the theatre and live arts scene of London. The city is famous for producing some of the most beloved actors in the world, so its unsurprising that London holds the torch for being the most dramatic city on the continent. From West End musicals to fringe theatre, there’s something to see in London for every day of the year.

A top tip for guests of accommodation Hyde Park London is to make the most of box office returns and resales, from which you can get discounted tickets for some of the best shows in the city. That being said, tickets for off-West End theatres like Shakespeare’s Globe (for traditional stagings of the Bard’s plays) and the Royal Court in Sloane Square can be purchased for little more than £20 a head.

Live Events Every Night

Live Events Every Night

It’s not just theatre either, there are live events of all mediums every night of the week in London. As well as being a thespian haven, the city is also where many of the best musicians and comedians cut their teeth before making the big time. Regular stand up comedy shows like Moth Club’s weekly Knock2Bag variety comedy show and music venues such as Shoreditch’s Village Underground’s seasonal programming are just two examples of the myriad entertainment options you’ll have during a visit to London. 

Stunning Architecture 

As mentioned above, London’s buildings are partly a hodge podge of ancient structures, some of which date back thousands of years. The remains of the Roman Wall that once enclosed the City of London is just one example of how far back we’re talking. Whilst events such as the Great Fire of London and the Blitz destroyed many heritage sites in the city, what rose in their places and what survived have now added beautiful contrasts to the cityscape. Seeing St Paul’s Cathedral alongside ultramodern skyscrapers such as Number 20 Fenchurch Street pretty much sums up London’s foot in the past and head in the future. 

The Allure Of The Royal Family 

One aspect of London that should never be underestimated is its monarchic history. Indeed, many of the sculptures, castles and museums explore the history of the Windsors, the Tudors and even further back to the Normans. Thanks to the still functioning palaces of Buckingham and Kensington, the Royal Family is still a major tourist draw, and you’ll find amny gift shops dedicated to the figures and the traditions.

Speaking of traditions, royal-loving tourists should visit the city in the summer, when events like the Trooping of the Colour on the 10th of June see the royals march down the Mall with full pomp and circumstance. Other summer events include the Buckignham Palace Garden Party, whilst the whole year round you can join tours of Kensington Palace, Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament. 

Nightlife Districts Of London 

If you’re visiting London for the party scene, you won;t be disappointed. With some of the world’s best and most cutting edge DJs regularly playing or even living in London, the clubs of London are world class. On top of this, the many pubs and bars across the city make it one of the best places for young dance music lovers to visit on holiday. Top nightlife districts include Shoreditch, Hackney Wick and Soho. 

An Official Green City

London is an official “green city”, meaning that 16% of public space is green or designated a nature reserve. From the 8 royal parks to Epping Forest in Greater East London, the city is teeming with wetlands, woodlands, animal sanctuaries and peaceful squares.