Tips for Booking Your Hotel in London


With so much to see and do in the city of London, travellers can find endless blogs and guides about what to do, where to go, what to eat, and when to visit.
But while seasonal attractions and the availability of specific events and sights plays a major role in denoting the best time of year to visit, there is something else which travellers need to consider: where they will stay.
Booking a hotel in London need not be difficult – however, everything from its location to the package, facilities, little extras, and of course the price can all contribute towards your overall experience. And in the interests of making that experience as good as it can possibly be, we thought we’d create a new kind of guide on how to find and book the best hotel you can.

Identify the best location

When we talk about the best location, we don’t mean you have to book one of the Hyde Park hotels in London or somewhere equally as central; rather, we mean identify the best location according to your travel plans and what you want to do.

If you’re only in the city for a brief stop and want to maximise your accessibility to different parts of the city, then finding a hotel near to one of the train stations or major transport hubs will be key. If you want to relax, then some of the top spa hotels are located just west of the city centre, while heading towards the river Thames will grant you excellent views.

Research the best day of the week to check in and out

The majority of weekend hotel stays are booked from Friday to Sunday, which inevitably pushes the price skywards for these two-night/three-day bookings. Pushing your trip by just one day can make a huge difference, for example checking in on Thursday and leaving on Saturday (or even extending your stay from Thursday to Sunday).
While we’re on the topic of price, this next tip will help you to strike the right balance between booking early to avoid disappointment and booking last minute to benefit from price drops. If you’re planning a trip to London during one of the busy periods (and we don’t just mean season – also look at major events going on in the city when bookings will be high) then book early, whereas a quieter time of the year give you more flexibility to book at a later date.

Find hotels that offer package deals

One of the best ways to add value to your stay is with meals included, potential spa and other facility experiences, and even taxi packages and more. If your hotel has added extras, using them can save you money elsewhere during your trip – for example, having breakfast at The Grand Royal London as part of your hotel stay means that you can save money on food later in the day. Similarly, a spa onsite and the use of other facilities gives you plenty to do with the family without leaving the hotel, if you need a quiet day.
What other travel and hotel booking tips would you share with prospective London tourists?