London Food Guide: Tips for First Time Visitors


Contrary to popular belief, the best London restaurants do not exclusively serve finger sandwiches and scones with cream and jam. While cream teas and afternoon tea bookings are among some of the most popular traditional dining experiences available, even these have been given a more diverse and international facelift with the infusion of flavours and concepts from all over the world.
With that said, and with London such a melting pot of culture and cuisine from around the world, where are the best places to eat in the city – and which dishes and foodie experiences should first time visitors be sure to add to their itinerary?

Pub grub

There is nothing quite so British as a Sunday walk followed by a roast dinner in the pub – with the very concept of a roast dinner one of the most British dining experiences that you can hope for when visiting London.
To revel and immerse yourself in this most British of experiences, visitors can either stick within the boundaries of the city and book one of the pubs near to The Grand Royal London to follow a walk through the Royal Parks, or head outside the city to one of the home counties a train ride away. Kent and Essex are great spots for Sunday walks and pub grub dinners.

Market food

There is, arguably, no better place to go for a broad and diverse foodie experience than one of the London markets, with Borough market ranked as one of the best – open every day and serving both produce to take home and ready-to-eat meals to enjoy as you browse and wander the market.
The beauty of these market foodie experiences is that they combine delicacies and dishes from producers and cultures across London and beyond, with everything from baked goods to hotpots and more available.

Fine dining

If you’re looking to soak up all the different experiences that London has to offer, then you can’t leave the city without trying at least one fine dining experience. London is lucky enough to call itself home to some of the best restaurants – operated by some of the best chef’s – in the world, and so booking a table at one of these locations is coveted and a must-do for many visitors.
Some of the best places to go include Park Lane and the nearby Hyde Park restaurants, as well as those which line the streets of Mayfair and Westminster.

River cruise

The River Thames isn’t just a new spot for walks and viewpoints – it also plays host to a wide selection of cruises and experiences, including river cruises on one of the many large boats which line the banks of the river. Combine a five star experience with excellent food for memories that will last a lifetime!

Afternoon tea

We mentioned afternoon tea at the beginning of this piece – so what better way to end it. From a classic London hotel high tea experience to afternoon tea served on a moving tour bus or with an international infusion, you can’t leave London without trying at least one.