Enjoy the countryside without going out of London city

Enjoying london

London appeals to one and all as a great holiday destination because of its vibrancy and a unique character found in every corner of the city. From gothic feel in Camden to the high-end restaurants of Mayfair the city pleases and surprises you with its distinct vibe.

But London’s most unique feature is its large parks and green spaces that is a rare in big metropolitan cities that we see around the world. In the middle of its high-rise buildings, its city like culture and all the hustle-bustle, it has managed to beautifully maintain it’s parks in literally a very royal manner. Some parts of London almost feel like you are visiting the countryside of UK.

If you are visiting London and don’t have the time to travel the rest of UK for its picturesque beauty… don’t worry. Here a list of places you can visit in London that will make you feel like you are in lap of a scenic countryside destination.

1. Richmond Park

Richmond park

The massive Richmond Park in the heart of central London can’t be fully discovered on foot in a day. You can walk in the woods here and spot a herd of deer giving you the feels of a real countryside. This park has raw paths to go on a trek and experience a walk in the woods. You can indulge in other activities here like cycling, boating and more.

2. Epping Forest

Epping Forest

Literally a forest in the city, this green patch is spread over 2,400 hectares of ancient woodland between Epping in the North and Wanstead in the South. It is a former royal London forest. You can go on a walk/hike here and enjoy the ancient oak and other flora and fauna here. It has over 500 species of insects, wild deer, birds and other nature rich sights. You can indulge in other adventurous activities here like horse-riding, cycling, pond dipping other fun activities for kids.

3. Countryside style pubs

countryside style pub

A rustic, countryside style pub is where you should enjoy a hearty meal to satiate your countryside appetite. You will find many such pubs all over London and sometimes inside close to the massive parks. They are cosy, with brick walls, wood-panelled feature, open fire serving the traditional British drinks and food.

4. Hampstead Heath

Hampstead heath

One of London’s most sought after green space, it is famous for its vast lushness. This is an expensive and royally managed area of London making it an attraction. This stunning area has beautifully maintained the classic English houses, shops, pubs and streets that give you the feel of being in UK’s countryside. The park is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna.  You can enjoy hikes, cycling and swimming pools here.

 5. City Farms

City farm

Now imagine getting an authentic farm experience in the heart of the city? Yes, it’s a reality in this city farm in Hackney. This farm is full of sheep, pigs, chicken, ducks, rabbits, butterfly house and more farm animals you wish to see in a countryside farm. Here you can indulge in activities like pottery, interacting with the farm animals and other fun things to do just like farm keepers.

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