What’s On At The Serpentine Gallery This Month?


Situated in the heart of Kensington Gardens, you’ll find two fantastic galleries: the Serpentine Gallery and the Serpentine Sackler Gallery. With both offering totally free admission and access to a range of world-renowned art exhibitions, these are two highly rated attractions in the city of London.

Serpentine Gallery

Like many galleries and museums in London, the two Serpentine Galleries are always trying to keep things interesting for visitors, old and new. A range of diverse events take place every month at these galleries, and January’s line-up looks just as intriguing as you’d expect of a major London attraction. Book a stay in one of the many hotels near Hyde Park London, and enjoy a visit to these world-famous galleries.

Saturday Talks: Agnes Gryczkowska on Rose Wylie

The latest in this series of events will take place on January 13th, 2018, and will involve the Assistant Curator of the gallery leading a guided tour through the current Rose Wylie exhibition. The completely free event is open to all, and you’ll get to hear what a true art expert makes of Wylie’s work. The event begins at 3pm, and is repeated once more in February to ensure visitors can make the most of the Wylie exhibition.

Saturday Talks: Rebecca Lewin on Wade Guyton

At this weekend event, Curator Rebecca Lewin will lead a guided tour of the Wade Guyton exhibition: Das New Yorker Atelier, Abridged. Wade Guyton’s work is incredibly interesting, using modern tools like iPhones and Epson printers to create large-scale paintings, as well as a number of smaller compositions. Starting at 3pm, this event gives art lovers the opportunity to hear why Rebecca Lewin brought the exhibition to the gallery, and what she truly makes of it.

Unwritten Handbook: Adam James

Artist Adam James will be discussing his work and recent projects in this exciting event, which takes place on 27th Jan 2018. Tickets are completely free, but advance booking is required as this will likely sell out. James will be discussing the Moving Up programme, which saw him team up with Year 6 children from Gateway Academy in Westminster North London, in order to create a temporary space for the children. There will also be a discussion on larp (live-action role-play), and how it influenced James’ approach to education, film-making, sculpture and more.

This event will take place in the evening, so booking a stay at the Grand Royale London Hyde Park Hotel is the best way to ensure you won’t have a long way to travel when the discussion ends.

Performance: James Campbell

The artist James Campbell will be presenting a unique performance on 2nd February at 8pm. It will take place inside the Wade Guyton exhibition, and Guyton himself collaborated with Campbell on the programming of the performance.

Mobile Tours

The Serpentine Galleries also offer a range of mobile tours you can take through their free app. These give access to artist interviews, curator tours and other extra content which can be enjoyed while you explore the two galleries.