Which is the Most Decadent Dining Place in London?


London is the capital of UK and it oozes glorious luxury in many aspects particularly because it once ruled over many nations of the world. It is also home to one of the most stable monarchies of the world although it is only in name as it has a strong democracy at work as well. The city is home to the world’s most decadent hotels, restaurants, cocktail bars, and more. So, if you can resist everything except temptation, as Oscar Wilde had said, and if you want to experience the most decadent dining experience in London, you should go to The Alain Ducasse which is located within The Dorchester. It is an elegantly contemporary restaurant that offers an utterly delicious and opulent experience. It opened in 2007 and has quickly become a popular and important place for decadent dining. It is famous for its modern and delicious French cuisine created by master chef Ducasse. It is one of only four three-star restaurants in the UK as it has three Michelin stars which is the highest rating in the French system.

The restaurant offers a delectable seven-course tasting menu which is worth a try. Each dish in it is matched with a sommelier-selected wine. A sliver of sumptuous crayfish in a velvety veloutésauce along with hose champagne is the first course. The second is a terrine of foie gras and duck, accompanied by pickled muscat grapes along with a luscious New Zealand Riesling. The third is a pair of seasonal dishes consisting of Sauté gourmand of naturally buttery lobster and silken, truffled chicken quenelles, with a lively Pinot Blanc. The next course is ocean-sweet sea scallops with parsnips, Jerusalem artichokes and salsify, with a glass of crisp, unoaked French Chardonnay.

A succulent filet of venison from Denbighshire in Wales with a deep Sangiovese red is the next course. You would be wrong to think that you have reached the end because the French fromages will arrive next along with individual chutneys. The distinctively tangy Roquefort and Comté, tantalizingly spread on fig bread is a hot favourite of most people. The next on the list is an exotic fruit ice cream and chocolates.

The Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester provides the most decadent dining experience that can be found anywhere in London. It can satisfy even the most ardent of luxury travellers as it combines delectable food with a luxurious yet subtle environment, extreme table privacy and most personalised services.