What Life, Love, and Happiness Has Taught Me


Life is a good teacher and a great healer. We are not born with a lot of wisdom or experience and as such all that we know is what our parents and our teachers have ingrained in us. Such knowledge can differ from one individual to another and as such all that we know when we grow up is mostly through our experiences in the course of our life. Each one of us has different types of experiences which may be good or bad according to circumstances. These experiences should be taken as stepping stones in life and we should try to learn from them so that the future becomes better. In the course of my life, I have also had a lot of experiences about life, love and happiness.

When I grew up, I started to look for my life partner with dreamy eyes and seeking the perfect female who would be most beautiful, tall and slender with an hour-glass figure and having a pleasing and amiable personality who would love me as much as I would love her. My search had to be in vain because a perfect partner simply does not exist till I had to settle for my present partner who is a normal human being, reasonably good to look at and a good human being. She has her own strong points and her faults but the main thing is that she loves and cares for me and that is what matters most to me now. This experience has taught me that I should aspire for the best, knowing fully-well that it is impossible to find perfection.

I realise now that life is a long journey full of compromises and in order to be happy we have to compromise and keep sacrificing to get what we are looking for. Moreover, I have found out that I just cannot make everyone happy. The other experiences of my life include choosing to spend time with people who encourage and lift me up; choosing to do a job that gives me satisfaction rather than finding a job to suit my college degree; concentrating more on listening to others and responding only after thinking; treating others with kindness and due respect and resisting the urge to fight on small matters; reading a lot of contemporary books; making peace early; choosing to be an entrepreneur in my field; paying attention to my intuitions; avoiding trying to change an extremist’s mind with arguments; owning up failures; and realising that it is only you who can change your life.

The golden lesson of my life is to stay positive and avoid negative thoughts and actions.