Visiting Scotland from London


It is surprisingly easy to travel from London to Scotland, and can be surprisingly cheap as well if you book far enough in advance. Although it might not seem like the most logical journey, it is entirely feasible if you were visiting the capital city for an extended break but wanted to take in some of the amazing sights Scotland has to offer as well for a few days.

By Car
If you are able to hire a car then this may be the most direct way of getting to Scotland from London. With good motorway links, it should take around 8 hours to get from London to Glasgow or Edinburgh. The advantage of travelling by car is that you are free to make as many stops as you need and you can also take scenic diversions if you decide you want to visit somewhere else in England along the way.

By Train
Most trains to Scotland leave from Kings Cross and the journey should take approximately 5 hours if you are heading for one of the major Scottish cities. Tickets are generally cheaper the further in advance you book, and travelling by train can offer you a relaxing way to see the English countryside, without having to concentrate on driving or running the risk of getting stuck in traffic.

By Plane
Domestic flights are becoming increasingly popular between England and Scotland and it’s easy to see why. There are a number of budget airlines which have regular flights out of London’s airports and flight times are just shy of an hour and a half which makes it a good choice if you are short on time and want to make the most out of your visit to Scotland.

By Boat
If you want to take a leisurely journey from the capital city to Scotland then why not jump aboard a cruise ship? Although you wouldn’t technically leave from London, instead having to travel a little further afield to Southampton or Dover, it can be a relaxing way of travelling from the south of the country to the north and would certainly be a little bit different.