A tribute to America in London at the Grosvenor Square


Located in the high-end Garden Square in the Mayfair Grosvenor Square is the centrepiece of the Mayfair property of the Duke of Westminster that takes its name from Richard Grosvenor.  He developed the area and the surrounding in 1721. Because of a rich American history and association, the Grosvenor Square is often called ‘the little America in London’.  This place is the home of American Embassy too. You can also see the memorial Garden for the British people who lost their lives in 9/11. Grosvenor Square has been the traditional home of the official American presence in London since John Adams established the first American mission in 1785. The house he lived in still stands on the corner of Brook and Duke Streets.

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The Grosvenor Square is features statues and memorial that form the history of the area and revives the old American connection. You will find presidential statues of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Dwight D. Eisenhower and Ronald Reagan. Close to these statutes is the Berlin Wall, a reference to the president’s role in the fall of the Iron Curtain. Next you find the Eagle Squadrons Memorial that shows a bronze eagle perched atop a column. This memorial commemorates the American volunteer fighter pilots who served in the RAF Eagle Squadron prior to the involvement of the United States in the Second World War.

Grosvenor Square was created in 1720 as the centrepiece of the development of the Grosvenor Estate. The Garden Ovall (as it was known) was surrounded by low hedges and the lawns were dotted with dwarf trees. One of the kind statues of King George I was also build here was placed in the centre.

Popular people who have made Grosvenor their home include: Oscar Wilde, Earl of Hertford and Lord Bernard, Countess of Pembroke and many more noted celebrities.

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