The Alluring London Independent Film Festival

Film Festival

The London Independent Film Festival (LIFF) is held every year in April. It is committed to independent film makers from around the world and mainly focuses on independent film-making and small budget films, shot with a budget of less than £100,000 (US $150,000) but which at the same time addresses the quality and standard of the festival from first and second time directors but unlikely to be released through other channels and gives them a prestigious platform to reach out to the masses. They can screen their work in a variety of categories like documentaries, shorts, features, Sci-Fi or horror to mention just a few.

This festival started eleven years back when a bunch of first time UK directors came together to screen their work unconventionally. It is a platform to showcase their work and talent and is organized and presented by filmmakers (mainly LIFF alumni). It has over the years grown and expanded into a network and now plays the role of support system to aspiring and creative directors of micro-budget or no-budget films. Other features of the festival include training workshops for filmmakers and a screenplay competition. The festival is an event to look forward to for intellectual creative filmmakers to interact with each other and display their work and proliferate their network. Serious effort is provided to boost up the social environment of the festival by providing pub and entertainment venues, parties and get-together hubs. The producer of the event is Eric Schultz and in charge of festival administration is Maxine Greene.

This year it was hosted by The Roxy and the Shortwave and emphasized on indie film-making from the UK and the rest of the world. There were also evenings dedicated to shorts and screenings of new pop videos. LIFF 2014 is expected to be the biggest festival till date. The festival gives an opportunity to Londoners to view films from across the world on different themes and pep up their intellectual side and this international exposure in the taste of films is awaited by the people every year. Most of the screenings are free of charge. In 2013 the feature films could be viewed for just £2 and the short films and the music video blocks were completely free of charge. Many LIFF films have been screened in major film festivals. For tourists who happen to visit London should not miss a chance to participate in this exceptional event.

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