team training parcours

Though team building activities have been popular for a number of years in the business world, recently there has been a large focus on getting out of the office and in to a new environment. There are a lot of different team building activities to get involved in throughout London, meaning it’s easy to couple a business trip with some fun team bonding. Here are some of our suggestions for the four best team building activities near to our hotel Grande Royale Hyde Park.

CluQuest Escape Room

A short tube journey from Hotel Grand Royale Hyde Park is CluQuest Escape Room. CluQuest is a team building activity that requires all the players to work together to solve mysteries and safely escape from a locked room, whilst also having the extra challenge of trying to defeat opponent characters. Escape rooms can be found all across London and they are becoming an extremely popular activity for colleagues, friends and families. As escaping CluQuest relies on good teamwork, players are forced to interact and work together to achieve success. A win win combination!

team training parcours

Team Tactics Treasure Hunt

Team Tactics offers a number of different team building treasure hunts around London city, all of which are designed to help participants work together effectively. The treasure hunts encourage team building, interaction and creativity amongst the players and they are entertaining for all involved. Plus, they create a healthy dose of competition. Whether you are trying to bring a new work team together or want to introduce new staff members, Team Tactics’ treasure hunts are a fun way to get out of the office and identify any hidden competitive traits of your friends or colleagues.

The Crystal Maze

Everyone remembers the 90’s television hit The Crystal Maze. Well, “stand by team”, as it’s now come to London – and it has quickly become one of the most popular team building activities on offer. Much like the original television show, The Crystal Maze requires teammates to work together to solve puzzles and find crystals in order to win the game. Thanks to its central location, getting to The Crystal Maze from any of our 4 star hotels in London is easy.

Canal and Boat Trips

If you’re looking for a team building activity that is a little more relaxed and more on giving people the time to get to know one another, consider one of the many canal and boat trips near to the Hotel Grand Royale Hyde Park. Boat trips in London are extremely popular and they offer beautiful views of the city in a tranquil setting, giving way to a more laid back opportunity for your group to bond or exchange ideas while building relationships.

If you’re staying at the Grand Royale Hotel for business and want a way to bring a team together, try one of the activities mentioned above. They are all fun, enjoyable and easy to get to by public transport.