South Kensington Museums Autumn Season

London museum

South Kensington’s museum scene is a tourist hot spot due to the eclecticism of its venues and amazing value museums. With free museums such as the Science Museum, Natural History Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum hosting great value ticketed exhibits, you’re truly in for a treat, whatever your tastes and interests are. The South Kensington Museum scene has an ever-shifting rostrum of events and exhibits, whether considering the world of art, history or science. With events to entice both adults and children, the South Kensington Museum row is a must for guests at the Grand Royale London Hyde Park, especially with the amazing Autumn events coming up. Here’s a little bit of what to expect from South Kensington in the next few months.

Science Museum

Science museum

The Science Museum is at the forefront of Science research and accessible education on the way the world works. The free museum has exhibits which engage both adults and children, exploring vast ranging themes such as the human body and even robotics.

Wonderlab – The Statoil Gallery

This highly innovative interactive gallery has the one aim of inspiring visitors using exhibits, artwork and live demonstrations, all revolving around the world of science. The gallery has seven sections all of which are inspired by different innovations in technology and science, amassing to an amazing 50 exhibits. If you’re looking for an interactive and educational afternoon, then try the Wonderlab in the Science Museum.

Mathematics at the Winton Gallery

Who would’ve thought maths could be fun? The Mathematics Gallery at the Winton Gallery is one of the greatest ways to engage with the typically dry subject. The beautiful space was designed by the Zaha Hadid Architects and seeks to explore how mathematicians have changed and shaped the world we live in today. Starting from the renaissance and moving all the way to the present day, the exhibit introduces visitors to a world of experimental aircrafts and mathematical instruments.

The Victoria and Albert Museum

Victoria and Albert Museum

The Victoria and Albert Museum of Design is one of the most diverse museums in Museum row and has some great exhibits upcoming.

Engineering the World: Ove Arup and the Philosophy of Total Design

Exploring the line between philosophical thinking and the way that we design, the Ove Arup exhibit will explore how Ove Arup, designer of the Sydney Opera House has changed the way we think about design and architecture in the modern world. His career review will take us through the innovative designer’s process for engineering and architecture.

A brief history of underwear

The V&A is also hosting a great exhibit on the history of underwear. For anybody with an interest in fashion and the undergarment, check out this alluring exhibit.

Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum focuses on biology and Geography, helping us understand how the world works.

Wildlife Photographer of the year

The annual Wildlife photographer of the year award exhibit will highlight some of the best photographers in the world and there ingenious takes on the natural world. Part wildlife exhibit, part photography, you’ll be sure to be wowed by these amazing photographs.