Smart Parking with London’s New Parking Sensors App

parking app

How many times you have gone round and round on the streets of London in order to find a parking spot for your car? How many times you have parked your vehicle a couple of blocks away since you couldn’t find a free spot near your house/workplace? Parking is a big problem, not just in London but in all the big cities with dense population. So what’s the solution? Do we need to dig-up the streets to get ourselves underground parking? Or there’s a simpler solution?

Apparently, there is a better solution. All you need to do is to download and app on your smart phone and your difficulties will decrease to a great extent. The streets of Westminster are now equipped with ‘ParkRight app’ that allows you to detect free parking spots as you approach near your destination. With the help of this application, you’ll be able to get a free spot in less than 10 minutes. The detectors of the application send alerts to your phone that which spots are filled and which ones are empty.

So instead of going round and round, all the while praying to get a free spot, you can straight away head towards the empty parking spot and park your vehicle. There are many benefits of this smart application. One, it will ease out the traffic on the roads. Two, the levels of carbon emissions will get reduced and three, drivers will not reach their destinations with an angered and frustrated set of mind.

With successful installation of the ParkRight sensors, London has now joined the league of other megacities like Dublin where you get to enjoy high-tech street management systems. It has been proposed to install more than 3000 infra-red smart parking detectors in London’s West End neighbourhood in the next 3 years. The Westminster Council has invested approximately £890,000 on this project and all the funds have been backed-up from the revenue generated via paid-for parking lots located in the area. Currently, streets like Saville Row, St John’s Wood High Street and Jermyn Street are equipped with the sensors, but pretty soon, almost all the streets of Westminster will get the sensors.