Romania Nightlife

Romania Night

Tourism in Romania has been growing in recent years. The country’s entry into the European Union has encouraged many more people to explore this former Eastern Bloc nation. There’s plenty for visitors to do at night, not only in the capital Bucharest, but in other towns and cities too.

As with other European countries, you’ll find whatever you’re looking for on a night out, whether it’s pubs, nightclubs, jazz bars, concerts, casinos or theatres.

In Bucharest, why not head to The Caru cu Bere, a historic beer hall that offers a party atmosphere and beer made to a secret recipe. It also serves some great food to go with all that beer. It’s open until midnight (2am on Friday and Saturday).

There’s always a lot going on at Fire Club, from DJs to folk clubs to heavy metal gigs to live football matches on TV. In the west of Bucharest’s city centre, there’s an area that’s home to many students, and therefore many pubs, clubs and bars. They include Piranha Club (which has been designed to look like a jungle lodge – right down to the fish in the tanks), a good place to go for food and drink.

If you want a cultural night out, options include the National Theatre Bucharest, and the Bucharest National Opera.

In Romania’s second city of Cluj-Napoca, there’s also plenty to do. Popular nightspots include Diesel Bar and Obsession, while there are many clubs and bars in the southwest of the city centre, which is a student area.

Timisoara, third largest city, is well-known for its nightlife. Places include the National Theatre & Opera House, D’Arc Club – one of the main clubs in the city, and Taine Club – popular for its jazz and rock performances.