Nightclubs in London


London is a city that knows how to party, and with a centre that is practically bursting with chic bars, traditional old pubs and throbbing nightclubs, you’re in for an absolute treat. Check out our handy guide below for all the best places.

Nightclubs in London


Traditional drinkeries that have been around since the dawn of time. They fulfill a vital role, offering a cosy atmosphere, a place to sit, a wide selection of beers and a place to watch the footy. Some of the best include Dog & Duck in Soho, Harp in Covent Garden and the Newman Arms in Fitzrovia. Pubs often play host to open mic nights and all kinds of other interesting events, and they usually serve food. You should come to a pub if you want to sample a variety of beers and ales.


These watering holes tend to be sleeker and more modern, and don’t usually offer so much in the way of food. Light appetisers are generally the most you can expect. They’re more likely to have loud music and an upbeat atmosphere. Some of London’s best include 69 Colebrooke Row, Booking Office, Calloh Callay and the Experimental Cocktail Club. These are the places to be if you want a decent cocktail or a lively atmosphere and music to dance to.


London’s nightclub scene is very lively and extremely well-known, with legendary clubs including the Ministry of Sound, KOKO and Studio 338, but watch out for those that don’t cater to the mainstream as well, such as Heaven, The Hobgoblin and The Intrepid Fox. These are the places where you can dance the night away, usually until 3am, when London’s network of night buses comes in very handy.