Luxury Hotels: A Brief Look Across The Globe

Grand Royale London Hyde Park

The Hotel business is one of the most profitable businesses throughout the world though this concept is not new in the present market. Looking back at the periods of Old Testaments, Silk route, Bedouin hospitality, Byzantine era etc, we find many roadside resting places, which are actually the prototype versions of modern Hostel Industry Concept. Later, the owners started to think of improving upon the various services in addition to providing accommodation. As the customers were mostly businessmen, trading silk, spices, tea etc, they used to carry handsome amount of money with them, maintaining high status and demanding better accommodation. Gradually, this brought a transformation in the business from general rest houses to luxury hotels.

In the earlier days, the luxury was provided by means of good food, fountains, arrangements of entertainment like singing, dancing, juggleries etc. Today, the luxury hotels usually introduce all possible arrangements to fulfill every need of the customer.

What luxury Hotels have for you?

The possible items that are found in a Five-star Hotels are:

1. Multi-cuisine cooking arrangements with Top chefs

2. Extreme comfort in suites

3. Enriched views viz. good views of tourist attractions, swimming pools, top-class garden, proper car-parking

4. Proper communication to airport, high roads

5. Top-class hospitality

From a customer’s point of view, a healthy room for lodging is everything while traveling outside.

The best Luxury Hotels in Business-

There is no single opinion on which luxury hotel is the best, as different people use different criteria to rate hotels. As a result, the method of selecting a hotel gets quite disturbing and irritating at times. Ultimately, it is up to the guests to rate the best hotels.

Basically the luxury hotels are meant to be staying places for celebrities, businessmen, leaders of nations etc. But normal people with high hopes also try to put up in these hi-fi places at least once in their lifetime. Without being too stingy about your money, you can in fact have a great time at these hotels, even if it is once in your life.