London’s Best Distilleries


Having gained a reputation as an out-dated spirit, gin is having a bit of a revival, regaining its popularity in the last few years. Gin is a hugely popular drink in London right now, with many fantastic gin distilleries and tours to explore.

With the craft gin craze in full swing, there are dozens of bars and distilleries throughout the capital that specialise in gin, with regular gin festivals often selling out weeks in advance.

If you’re looking for some of the best places to try new craft gins during your next visit to London, check out some of the distilleries on our list. Many of the best distilleries in London are easily accessible from the range or fantastic hotels in Bayswater including the Grand Royale London Hyde Park, so you’ll be able to stay in luxury while also exploring and discovering new gins.

Beefeater, Kennington

Beefeater is perhaps one of the most famous and recognisable brands in London’s gin scene – even if it isn’t the trendiest these days. The Beefeater distillery has been distilling gin since 1829 and offers a two-and-a-half-hour tour to introduce gin enthusiasts to its history and culture. The tour of the Montford Place distillery costs just £12 and finishes up with a classic G&T.

East London Liquor Company, Mile End

Across the Thames from the Grand Royal London Hyde Park sits the East London Liquor Company. While they don’t offer in-depth tours of the distillery, the shop out front is packed full of great gins to try. Pop in and have a taster of your next favourite gin and you might even get a unique cocktail mixed behind the in-store bar.

Sipsmith, Chiswick

Although some of the flavours created by Sipsmith are unusual, they’re still delicious. The team at this distillery certainly aren’t afraid of thinking outside the box, and aside from their more traditional ventures have been known to create unique flavours, like a ham and mustard flavoured gin, that can’t be found anywhere else. Their evening tour of the distillery costs just £15 and gives you an ideal chance to wet your whistle and try some of the most unique gins you’ll ever have the opportunity to taste.

Ginstitute, Notting Hill

Just a 17-minute tube ride from the Grand Royal London Hyde Park is one of London’s most immersive distilleries. The Ginstitute offers you the chance to get deeply acquainted with endless glasses of gin, the history of the spirit and even allow you to choose your own botanicals and craft your own bottle. At £110, it’s one of the more expensive distillery experiences, but the depth of the experience is undoubtedly worth the price tag.

Jensen’s, Bermondsey

Jenson’s distillery only makes two types of gin, thanks to the simple tastes of its creator – Christian Jensen. The Jensen’s distillery underneath the arches in Bermondsey produces London dry and Old Tom gin. While you can’t tour the distillery itself, the bar is packed with plenty of gin, and thanks to the nearby Maltby Street Market, you’ve plenty of tasty treats to soak up the gin too.

London Distillery Company, Battersea

If you’re into your whisky then the London Distillery Company in Battersea is worth a visit. While this distillery does produce gins, it specialises in whisky and even gives visitors a chance to create their own. It might cost a few hundred pounds and take up to three years to reach perfection, but how many other people can say they have their own, unique whisky? If whisky isn’t your thing you can visit this distillery for a bottle of Dodd’s gin instead.

Sacred Spirits Company, Highgate

The Sacred Spirits Company is less of a distillery and more of a micro distillery run out of the kitchen of one Ian Hart in Highgate. While the small scale does mean there aren’t any tours or private tasting events – unless you get to know Ian particularly well – there are plenty of gin bars in the city that stock Sacred Spirits’ gins.  From classic London dry gins to slightly edgier pink grapefruit, cardamom and Christmas pudding flavours, Sacred Spirits Company is undoubtedly making a name for itself on the London gin scene.

City of London Distillery, Fleet Street

The distillery bar at City of London Distillery on Fleet Street resembles a 1920s Speakeasy that’ll have you Charlstoning your way around the bar once you’ve sampled enough gin. Using some of the most beautiful gins including Christopher Wren Gin and Square Mile London Dry, the expert bartenders will mix you a range of exceptional cocktails that will transport you back into an age filled with jazz and gin.

The Nicholas Culpeper, Gatwick Airport

If your stay at one of the hotels in Bayswater ends with a trip to Gatwick Airport before you jet off to somewhere new, remember to stop by The Nicholas Culpeper. That’s right, Gatwick Airport recently opened its very own gin distillery and bar. Their juniper-rich, small-batch gin can be tasted every day of the week, and best of all – you don’t need a boarding pass to get in.

Our/London, Hackney Downs

Our/London is an urban alternative to some of the more retro distilleries in London. Run by a couple of friends Our/London run tours from Monday to Friday between the midday and 6 pm. The tours cost just £30 and give you access to the entire production line, vodka tasting, a freshly made cocktail and a small bottle for you to take away. It’s a great option if you’re looking for something modern instead of the more traditional distillery experience.

Little Bird Gin, Peckham

Little Bird Gin is a one-of-a-kind distillery with a unique design. The Vargas-esque redhead on their label makes the Little Bird Gin distillery pretty tough to miss as you walk through Peckham. Although it isn’t technically open to visitors, you can find their produce at the Maltby Street Market every Saturday and at Pedler in Peckham throughout the week.

With so many gin distilleries to visit and explore in London, you’ll (probably) want to make sure you have a place to put your head down for the night. That way, you can have a taste at each! Book your room at Grand Royal London Hyde Park now to take advantage of special offers and packages.