How to Choose the Perfect Hotel for a Romantic Couple’s Holiday


There is no better location for a romantic getaway than London. While it may not have the same reputation for romance as some of its continental counterparts, the city still has much to recommend it – including fantastic scenery, nightlife and events. If you are planning a dream stay in one of the world’s most famous cities, but finding it difficult to narrow down your options, look no further.

In this blog, we’ll take a quick look at some of the key things for you to look out for on your next trip, ensuring you choose the right romantic hotel in London.

Create a shortlist

A quick Google search will help you find some of the top London hotels, but narrowing them down to the key criteria you’re really seeking could take a little more work. This is why we recommend compiling a rough shortlist at the outset, and then comparing each venue against the things which truly matter on your upcoming trip.

Find the right location

Location is one of the most important factors to look out for when selecting your romantic hotel, as this will help determine how easily you can access all the incredible things London has to offer.

Venues such as the Grand Royale London Hyde Park give you access to some of the city’s major highlights, and also keep you close to local transport links, ideal for getting around with ease.

Look for local restaurants

Some of the best London restaurants are located in and around the city’s finest hotels. During your romantic break away, you will probably want to enjoy London’s culinary scene – and if you opt for a hotel close to great eateries, you’ll be ideally placed to sample a world of great cuisine.

London is noted for not only championing local dishes, but a vast selection of international culinary traditions. This vast selection helps to solidify the city’s reputation for being downright cosmopolitan, and also gives you lots to choose from during your own visit.

Search for high-quality photos

You should always look for high-resolution images of your accommodation before you book. Most great hotels will provide plenty of images on their website, allowing you to see not only the rooms and suites, but also key areas of the venue like the restaurant and bar.

This helps you get a clearer understanding of the atmosphere and aesthetic of the hotel, and will help you to narrow down your shortlist.

Assess the hotel rating

There is a comprehensive hotel rating, which judges venues based on their quality and category. Its always a good idea to search for hotels which take part in this system and wear their rating with pride – this shows they’ve worked hard to attain that status, and are dedicated to making your trip a success.

Once you’ve narrowed down your location, search for 4 star hotels near Hyde Park and you’ll be able to discern from this simple attribute whether they match your basic requirements for a luxurious stay.

Search for experiences

A romantic getaway is all about the experience, so look for hotels which go the extra mile in making your trip special. Look for experiences such as the Grand Royale London Afternoon Tea, which allows you to try an established London tradition in stunning surroundings.

Afternoon tea is widely associated with luxury, and is ideal for sharing between two people. Its also a wonderful way to unwind after a morning exploring London, and preparing yourself for more sightseeing before an evening in the city.

Look for loyalty programs

Some hotels provide their customers with loyalty programs, and this is a fantastic way to get involved, should the hotel look particularly appealing. Perhaps you can choose a hotel you return to again and again for special occasions? Your romantic trip to London could easily become a tradition, and joining a loyalty program will help your money go further and unlock new ways to enjoy your stay.

Check what guests stay at the hotel

What kind of guests stay at the venue you’re interested in? This will also help determine whether its the right place for you. Some hotels look great on the surface, but their clientelle could prove problems – either by being too noisy, or intrusive, or simply not matching your personality as a couple. Fellow guests are people you may interact with during your own visit, so check whether they seem like the kind of people you wouldn’t mind making small talk with!

Read reviews

Check reviews of your shortlisted hotels, and take a look at the hotel website thoroughly. Search for reviews on a couple of different portals, and also take a look at the way the hotel staff have responded to any complaints or queries. Things sometimes go wrong, but a venue which reaches out to its customers is one which will be likely to offer you the same service, should it prove necessary.

Check the facilities

A great romantic stay needs to be enjoyed in comfort, so before you book, take a look at the facilities your hotel offers. Do they match what you had planned for the trip? Whether you intend to be out and about seeing the sights, or would rather enjoy a spa day here and there, this should all be established before you decide on your dream venue.

Talk to the staff

Don’t be afraid to ask the staff about anything which seems essential to your visit – they’ll be happy to help, and might help clear up any confusion about what to expect when you arrive. This will also help you get a feel for the kind of service you can expect during your stay, as staff who are willing to chat to you before you book are more likely to be attentive once you’ve made a booking.