Greenery and calm at Acton Cemetery

acton cemetery

Address: Park Royal Road, Acton, London W3 6XA

Visitors to London hoping to escape the hustle and bustle of the busy city should make a beeline for the green and open spaces of Acton Cemetery.

Located in the London borough of Ealing, this is a perfect destination for all those keen to get away from it all and embrace a quieter and more reflective atmosphere in the heart of one of the most fast-paced cities on the planet.Cemetery in London
Offering a range of unique attractions for lovers of history and antiquity, Acton Cemetery is a perfect spot for relaxation for all lovers of nature and the great outdoors during a visit to London.

The Gothic Chapel at Acton Cemetery

Opened in 1895, this Victorian cemetery is home to a true delight for lovers of architecture and design, in the form of its very own Gothic Chapel.

Offering the chance for visitors to find out more about the history of this tranquil and haunting location, the chapel is today open to the public for viewing.

It is positioned in the northern area of the grounds and can be visited during normal cemetery opening hours (see below).

Sights and attractions at Acton Cemetery

One of the biggest draws of a visit to Acton Cemetery is the simple calm and tranquillity that abounds in the place. Guests can pack a picnic and head here to experience the simple pleasures of the great outdoors, while also soaking up the local heritage.

Land at the cemetery was originally only consecrated for burial in the southern portion of the cemetery grounds. However, this area was later expanded.

Other developments in the history of the cemetery included the running of a railway line from east to west through the grounds at the turn of the 20th century. This split the cemetery for a period of time, before the line was closed and the full grounds (and peacefulness) of the area was restored.

Today, the area remains a place for peace and reflection, marking it out as somewhere that busy travellers can head to for a few hours of calm repose.

Detailed gravestones can be found throughout the cemetery, many offering a glimpse into the lives of those buried here – a sobering reminder the fleeting years of time and the need to make the most of every passing second.

Opening times and information  for guests

Acton cemetery is open to the public from the hours of 8 am weekdays and 9 am weekends (365 days a year) to:

    • 4.30 pm November, December, January and February
    • 5.30 pm March and October
    • 7 pm April and September
    • 7.30 pm May, June, July and August

However, visitors are reminded that this is a working cemetery and therefore they should act in a respectful and quiet manner at all times.

Underground travel for visitors to Acton Cemetery

The London Underground is one of the most swift and efficient means of transport for visitors to the city, with

    • East Acton (Central line)
    • West Acton (Central line)
    • North Ealing (Piccadilly line)
    • Ealing Common (District and Piccadilly lines)
    • Park Royal (Piccadilly line)
    • Hangar Lane Station (Central line)

Meanwhile, travellers can make use of several nearby overground rail services when planning journeys to Acton Cemetery, with nearby stations including Acton Main Line, Willesden Junction, Harlesden and Stonebridge Park. There are also around-the-clock bus services for travellers who prefer to utilise this mode of transport.

Full details of all public transport options for visitors to the area can be found by heading to the official website of Transport for London.

Parking options near Acton Cemetery

The area around Acton Cemetery offers several parking options for visitors keen to either hire a car or bring their own during their time in London. Options for motorists include:

    • North Ealing Station Car Park (1.5 miles, 25 minutes’ travel time on foot)
    • Salisbury Street Car Park (1.4 miles, 29 minutes)
    • Loftus Road Stadium (two miles, 41 minutes)
    • Wendover Road Car Park (1.5 miles, 28 minutes)
    • Harlesden Plaza Car Park (1.6 miles, 31 minutes)

Individuals planning to take to the roads during their time in the English capital are reminded that traffic volumes can be dense throughout the day, especially during the busy morning and evening rush hours. It is therefore advised that travellers plan their journeys in advance to avoid these busy times, while pre-booking parking (when possible) is also recommended.


  • What is the fastest way to get from North Acton to City of London Cemetery and Crematorium?

The fastest way to get from North Acton to City of London Cemetery & Crematorium is to take a taxi which will take 30-35 min.

  • How far is it from North Acton to City of London Cemetery and Crematorium?

13 miles is the distance between North Acton & City of London Cemetery & Crematorium.