Enjoy Delectable Food at Best London Restaurants


London is a cosmopolitan city with immigrants from different parts of the world having settled here. The city offers a large variety of different cuisines from all over the world. You can also find many American fast food franchises in London and a large number of home grown chains that offer good food at affordable cost. The best London restaurants offer delectable food and provide the best value for your money especially if you consider the quality and presentation of food, price range, restaurant atmosphere and service.

The best London restaurants are located all over the city but most of them are situated close to the major tourist attractions. However, these restaurants are generally more expensive than others and as such if you are on a budget vacation, you should try to move a little away from these locations to find a cheaper place to eat by using the Tube or buses.

The best London restaurants located in the district of Westminster and its neighbouring South Kensington-Chelsea area are quite expensive but with a few exceptions. As such, if you want to find slightly cheaper restaurants where you can get best value for your money, you should move towards Leicester Square, Soho, Mayfair, Marylebone and Covent Garden districts.

Many of the best London restaurants that provide great value for your money generally witness long queues especially during peak hours. You can avoid these long lines if you plan and book your table in advance.

Besides the cuisines from China, India, Thailand, Japan and Mexico that are available at the best London restaurants, fish and chips, an all-time British favourite dish, can be found at these restaurants.