Brainy? 8 Pub Quizzes Near Grand Royale London


Pub quizzes are practically a British institution, and there’re plenty of fantastic places throughout the city where you can take part.

Whether you’re interested in a themed event or prefer to focus on general knowledge, the following fantastic pub quizzes should help you get involved in the action during your next stay in London.

The Old Queen’s Head Quiz


The pub quiz hosted by The Old Queen’s Head doesn’t take itself very seriously, and can be found here each Tuesday evening. It’s a great place to test out your knowledge on a wide variety of different topics, but the pub also takes a creative approach to the tradition.

During each quiz, you could spend time drawing, or even playing songs on a kazoo – allowing you to flex your skills while enjoying an unconventional quiz format.

In addition to the traditional quiz, The Old Queen’s Head also hosts a selection of themed quizzes throughout the year (including a popular football quiz), so keep an eye on the website to find out more while staying at hotels in Inverness Terrace.

The Pineapple Pub Quiz

Kentish Town

This pub is so well-loved by London locals that when there was threat it could be transformed into a block of flats during the early noughties, a campaign was launched to stop the development. Within eight days, English Heritage had listed The Pineapple on its records, and this pub, which dates all the way back to the 19th century, now provides a fantastic pub quiz.

The questions are challenging enough to keep you on your toes, but there’s also a fantastic menu so you can always grab a meal while you mull over the answers. Niche and unusual subjects are a speciality, and the entry fees for everyone taking part provide a worthy prize for those who manage to excel.

Super Star Quiz

Bethnal Green Road

This quiz takes place at one of Bethnal Green’s most popular pubs, The Star of Bethnal Green, each Tuesday, and the quiz itself is so popular that we strongly recommend booking in advance to secure your place.

Its an active and lively experience, with fun-filled bonus rounds which could require you to dance, try your hand at karaoke or even show off your impersonation skills. The quiz doesn’t have a special subject matter, so this is a great option for anyone who has good general knowledge staying at the Grand Royale Hyde Park.

The Water Poet Quiz

Folgate Street

This pub is better known as a rugby pub, but The Water Poet also hosts a popular pub quiz. Some of the rounds even incorporate a series of drinking games, but what really differentiates The Water Poet from its competition is the philanthropic edge to the event.

Teams are generally formed in groups of six, and the proceeds from ticket sales are donated to a different charity after each quiz. There’s no cash prize to win, but you’ll be awarded with plenty of prosecco if you do find yourself on the winning team.

We highly recommend a trip here if you’re feeling charitable after a day browsing Cardinal Place London shops.

Popbitch Quiz

Farrington & Smithfield

If you’re a real fan of pop culture, then the Popbitch quiz which takes place at multi-storey venue Smiths is the ideal quiz for you!

This is a great place for a night out, with a restaurant on the ground floor, a bar downstairs and a rooftop bar at the top layer. Whether you avidly follow celebrities on Instagram or simply love staying on top of the latest scandals, then you’ll have a strong chance of doing particularly well in this quiz.

Even so, some of the questions are tricky and unexpected, and there are additional rounds which cover everything from music to the arts scene, so you’ll certainly be kept on your toes throughout the evening.

There is a prize for the winning team, providing added incentive to aim high.

You’re Going to Need a Bigger Boat

Various locations

This pub quiz is strongly focused on film, so its ideal for cinema fans after anjoying a Grand Royale London Hyde Park afternoon tea.

The quiz takes its name from Steven Spielberg classic ‘Jaws’, and all the questions are projected onto a large screen to help enhance the film-like atmosphere. It’ll take you around two and a half hours to complete the quiz, and its been running for more than thirteen years now.

For anyone who knows a little about film, this is one of the best quizzes in the city. You’ll be tested on everything from movie trailers to soundtracks and posters, and we recommend getting there with plenty of time to grab the best seats.

The Lexington Pop Quiz 

Pentonville Road

This fun pub quiz was once organised by Rough Trade, and is perfect for music-loving quiz fans. There’s a lot to enjoy during this quiz night, which takes place each Monday and requires visitors to have teams of under six participants to take part.

The host of the evening talks you through each part of the event and there’s even a prize up for grabs, in the form of £60. However, fans of the quiz typically are also competing for the prize which they receive for the best team name – a large bag of crisps for them all to share.

The Grapes Pub Quiz

76 Narrow Street

Taking place each Monday, the pub where this quiz takes place is co-owned by Sir Ian McKellen, and every now and then the actor can be found reading out the questions himself. He’s even been known to join the teams and test his own knowledge.

It’s become a popular venue with the local theatre crowd, which will come as no surprise. In addition, the prize is a £50 bar tab, so there’s plenty of incentive to join in with the fun!