Best Parks of London

Hyde Park

London is well known for being home to some of the best parks in the country. In part, this is because of its history with monarchs with a soft spot for hunting but also due to the sheer number of people in London needing space to breathe. With so many botanists, artists and landscapers collaborating in the city, it’s no wonder that the parks of London are so packed in summer months, people from around the city yearning for the smell of fresh grass, flowers and the odd optimistic barbeque. So if you’re only in London for a short amount of time and staying at hotels in London City, why not check out some of most famous & best parks of London?

Hyde Park

hyde park

Hyde Park is probably the most central park in London and spans a whopping 350 acres of land. Here you can find the beautiful Serpentine Lake as well as various monuments such as the Marble Arch, the statue of Queen Victoria and a wide range of different plant life, trees and birds. If the weather permits, rent out a pedalo and swim alongside the swans or enjoy a relaxing afternoon at the Serpentine Bar and Kitchen.

St James Park

St. James Park

The 57-acre St James Park lies just behind Buckingham Palace and Westminster and is known for its stunning Queen Victoria memorial. During the reign of James I, the park was used as a sanctuary for a variety of exotic animals such as elephants and giraffes.

Kensington Gardens

Kensington Gardens

Connected to Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens was designed for Caroline of Brunswick and features a sunken garden in the Dutch style which was fashionable at the time. The round pond and the landscape garden is a true sight to behold and was the inspiration for JM Barrie’s Peter Pan story.

Richmond Park

Richmond park

Richmond Park was first created by Charles I as a deer park for hunting and is made up of 856 hectares of land. The large nature reserve is an area of conservation and is a Grade I listed historic park. The boundaries of the park, Pembroke Lodge and the White Lodge are well known as Grade II listed buildings.

Victoria Park

Victoria Park

Victoria Park was built by the Monarch with which it shares its name and is also known as the “people’s park”. Here guests can find a skate park, paddling pool and extensive playground alongside large fields and a canal running along its side. Perfect for picnics, this park is more than just scenic.

Hampstead Heath

Hampstead heath

Hampstead Heath is a natural conservation area and is 790 acres. The park is made up of a mish mash of hills, forested areas ponds and even a natural water lido for swimmer’s brave enough to take a dive. Based in the classy Hampstead area of North London, the park teems with wildlife, including deer’s, grass snakes, frogs and many types of birds.

Green Park

Greenwich Park

Green Park, neighboured by St James and Hyde Park is located directly in front of Buckingham Palace and is a prime picnic spot in central London. The nearest tube stop is central London and it’s incredibly popular with tourists.