Activities You Have To Try On A First Visit To London


The city of London is teeming with history and entertainment, with guests of accommodation Hyde Park London ideally placed to reach many of the city’s top attractions. First time visitors might find it a challenge to fit in everything in one trip though. London is indeed built for multiple visits, with 1500 square kilometres of urban sprawl, consisting of 32 distinct boroughs. This blog will outline some of the top activities that first time visitors HAVE to try on their first stay in the city.

Visit A London Palace

England’s royal history has meant that over the 2 millennia that the city has existed for, more than five separate castles and palaces have been built here. From Windsor Castle and the Tower of London to the slightly more modern Buckingham and Kensington Palace’s, you can’t visit the English capital without at least stopping by one of them. Kensington Palace, Windsor Castle, Hampton Court and the Tower of London are open daily for tours and gallery visits, whilst entrance to Buckingham Palace is season and booking dependent.

Visit A London Cathedral

In much the same way as the palaces of London, the cathedrals of the city have their own distinct links to the royal family and are must-visits for guests of special offer London hotels wanting to learn more about the very foundations of the English capital. Westminster Abbey, situated close to the Houses of Parliament, is the resting place for more than 30 kings and queens. St Paul’s Cathedral has existed in some form since early AD. The cathedral that stands today on Ludgate Hill is actually the 5th iteration, and has been the site of state funerals for the likes of Margaret Thatcher and Princess Diana, as well as the wedding venue for Prince Charles and Diana in 1981.

Walk The South Bank

The South Bank is a beautiful stretch of the central Thames that overlooks such landmarks as the Houses of Parliament and the Shard skyscraper in London bridge. The walk, less than 2 miles between Waterloo and London Bridge, takes visitors past quintessentially British cultural institutions such as the National Theatre and the British Film Institute, as well as the Tate Modern, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and the mouth-watering Borough Market. Guests of hotels on Bayswater Road London could build an entire day out in the city just focused on the wonders of the cultural, scenic and historic wonders of the South Bank.

Wander Around A Royal Park

Easy to reach for guests of the Grand Royale London, two of the crowning jewel royal parks of London are right on your doorstep. Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park combined are larger than the Principality of Monaco and boast a wealth of artistic and activity based attractions. With 8 royal parks across London in total, each has its own unique history connected to the kings and queens of England and are well worth a day out in and of themselves.