A Day Out in Battersea Park

Battersea Park

Living in south London can be luxurious as one of the most well liked natural areas in the capital is Battersea Park, which has a large lake and plenty of space to stroll, rest and throw a Frisbee round. Battersea Park and the close by surrounding locality can supply something for everyone because the locality has its own flourishing community who have a variety of concerns that keep them amused all year around.

Fitness fanatics can take to the water and strip on the lagoon but there are many other choices to select from such as jogging, to connecting any of the localized sports groups playing rugby, football and cricket amidst other undertakings.

If the considered of games makes you tired, Battersea Park is also known as an perfect place to proceed and rest so dust off that blanket, go take a snooze, read a publication or have a picnic in the warmer months.

Wildlife lovers will appreciate the number of hedgehogs and squirrels in the park and the arboretum is furthermore a dotting ground for numerous birds that might not be seen in another place in London, such as peregrine falcons, kestrels and parakeets. With more than four thousand trees, of which some are over two centuries old, there is a broad variety of foliage for these birds and the rest of the area’s wildlife to find sanctuary.

A trip round the Battersea Park will take a casual observer roughly an hour and if strolling is for you, then remember to hold an eye out for is the sculptures of the likes of Hepworth, Kennington and Moore that are dotted around the area.