Your Guide to London, UK

Lily Pond

London is one of the most well developed cities in today’s world in terms of infrastructure, technology and modernization. Being the capital of the united kingdom, it is also a place of strategic importance in Europe. London is a country of a very high population, and also a wide variety of people who speak different languages, almost coming upto three hundred in number. It has the fifth largest city GDP in the world, making it one of the most productive cities.

All that aside, London also has a history of high levels of interest and performance in the cultural and arts arena, with a large number of events being staged all through the year. These cater to people of different backgrounds and for different occasions, and are an import part of the life in the city.

This city may be a commercialized one, but it has a very wide variety of places to look at and marvel for the nature lover or the sight seer. If one were to start counting, the task would seem a shade harder than herculean. The London zoo, which houses some of the seasonal and regional animals that are outside the daily existence, is sure to enthrall any animal lover. And if you’re this nature lover who can stand and marvel at natural beauty all day, then you wouldn’t want to miss the Kew gardens. As for the adventurous explorer, the likes of the London Dungeon with a tinge of horror ought to make the trip worthy.