Why is the South Luangwa the Best Safari Destination?

South Luangwa

Going on a safari is a wonderful experience as you can come in close contact with nature. There are many safari destinations in the world but the South Luangwa in Eastern Zambia has a charm of its own and is considered to be the best safari destination in the world. The area of South Luangwa has recently been in the news as it received widespread publicity through the programme-Waiting for the Rains. The best time to visit South Luangwa for game viewing is October.

Of the several reasons why South Luangwa is considered to be the best safari destination in the world is that it presents a peaceful and tranquil environment in a vast expanse of land that has few safari camps. As a result, people can have a relaxed game viewing experience as they will not be disturbed by minibuses full of loud and over-enthusiastic tourists. The area only has luxury camps and as such you can get the best safari guides. The luxury camps are intimate, luxurious and extremely hospitable and are usually small, enabling people to mix in a more intimate manner while enjoying talks around the campfire.

One of the specialities of the South Luangwa is that it is a leopard’s heaven where the animals are quite accustomed to vehicles and behave in a natural way. The game park also has wild dogs which are endangered animals and are the only predator in Africa not interested in eating human beings. They present a homogeneous family environment and watching them relax as a family is a fantastic experience. They are very efficient as hunters of predators and can often be seen catching South Luangwa’s unsuspecting antelopes.

The guides of Zambia are efficient, highly informed and extremely friendly and helpful. They are better trained than guides in other parts of Africa as the guiding exams of the country are quite tough. Zambia was originally developed as a top African walking safari destination by people like Norman Carr and Robin Pope, both famous men of the bush.

A visit to the South Luangwa game park provides a fantastic adventurous experience.