Which are the Most Essential Aspects for Luxury Travel of Pets?


Most pet owners consider their pets as members of their family and as such they take their pets along with them when they are travelling. With the rise in number of people taking their pets while on trips, the facilities for the accommodations of the pets have also been bolstered with many establishments offering pet-friendly places coming up in recent years. Even many airports such as JFK, ATL, LAX and the San Diego International Airport in the US have made ample arrangements for grassy parks or pet bathrooms. A few travel solutions to make your pets more comfortable during travelling are given below.

You have to ensure that the pet is provided durable and comfortable travel essentials that will give them maximum luxury so that they can feel cosy and at home while being away from home. The Pet Carrier is one such accessory for animals weighing up to 25 lbs and offers optimised utility features: mesh windows for ventilation, handy, outside pockets and even a detachable shoulder strap that converts to a leash. If the pet wants to sprawl out and relax, have them recline on the matching Travel Bed. Available in two sizes, the Travel Bed is lined with plush, easy-to-clean wool and folds up nicely for easy transport.

You must ensure that pets do not feel anxiety as they are away from their home. You can use aromatherapy to associate a scent, such as lavender, with a positive experience. You will need to prepare for a few weeks before your trip by wearing a dab of this essential oil while grooming your pet or giving treats. By using the same methods during your trip, the pet will feel at home. You can also try to combat the pet’s anxiety by using special apparel by Thundershirt which works with an animal’s pressure points. The garment “hugs” your pet, instilling a calming effect that is completely medication-free.

Quality harnesses can be used if you are taking your pet on a road trip during your travel period. These are designed to keep your pet safe and secure and to prevent your pet from distracting the driver, giving you peace of mind.