Where to Travel in 2014: Advice from Our Experts


Each year comes with more promises and more challenges. Every year you must have a new aim in order to maintain freshness in life. One of these incredible tasks, especially for avid travellers is, looking for new places to explore. Every year, a new list of places come forward, ready to be seen and experienced. It need not be a new location, but an old tourist destination, which is going to be awesome in this particular year. But do you always get a sniff of such lists of awesome locations to visit? If you don’t, you can always take help of experts from travel websites and blogs.

First things first, if you haven’t been to the most popular tourist destinations, start off with them. No matter how old they are or how much they are visited every year, the most popular cities of the world are still the best tourist destinations. This list of must visit cities includes the likes of London, Paris, Amsterdam, Rome, New York and Bangkok. Once you visit all or some of these cities, you will know what to expect from your future international travels.

According to travel experts, Croatia is going to be a nice catch this year. It is not as big a tourist destination as other European countries like the UK or Italy but it definitely is known to travellers as a beautiful place. Its islands, beaches and health resorts attract most people. Colombia is yet another hidden talent that is waiting to explode this year. Neighbour of Argentina, this country looks very promising as a tourist magnet. It welcomes only around 1 million tourists, which is pretty less when compared to biggies like UK but it is consistently listed as one of the favourite tourist destinations.

Tourism gained some pace in African country Zimbabwe but saw a sharp decline soon after. But with new reforms and heavy tourism investment, Zimbabwe is ready to announce itself as a budding tourist spot in the culturally rich Africa. Keep a tab on various lists that experts keep rolling out and you will gain knowledge about some pretty interesting tourist hot spots.