Where to eat out around Hyde Park

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Hyde Park is undoubtedly an iconic place to visit for anyone staying in London, with abundant green spaces and a rich history to help draw in the crowds.

Founded in 1851 as the site of the capital’s Great Exhibition, the park covers an area of 625 acres and is famous for its Speakers’ Corner, as well as an abundance of greenery in one of the busiest and most urban cities in the world.

Visitors can therefore be forgiven for building up an appetite while walking the myriad pathways of these luscious gardens, so where can discerning guests grab a bite to eat in the local area?

Dinner by Heston Blumenthal

Acclaimed chef Heston Blumenthal opened Dinner in January 2011 and the establishment has already made a name for itself as one of the finest eateries in the whole of London.

Focusing on classic British fare and offering a taste of years gone by, the restaurant has been awarded two Michelin stars and is run by Dorset-born head chef Ashley Palmer-Watts.

London Food

It focuses on traditional and historic British dishes, with a modern twist. The decor is both contemporary and innovative, with floor-to-ceiling glass walls offering a view for diners into the busy kitchen.

Signor Sassi

One of the most famous Italian restaurants in the whole of the capital, Signor Sassi was opened in 1984 and has been frequented by some of the biggest names on the planet over the years, including sports stars, musicians, politicians and even royalty.

The menu provides a traditional and delicious taste of Italy, with a wide range of antipasti, pastas, meat and fish, all lovingly prepared by the team of experienced in-house chefs.

Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester

One of the most respected names in global gastronomy, Alain Ducasse has built his reputation upon a bedrock of mouthwatering cuisine that strives for perfection, but always championing the finest, freshest ingredients as the heart of any dish.

This three Michelin-starred establishment offers a taste of classical French gastronomy and serves a range of modern and refined dishes in a harmonious and contemporary setting that is sure to have diners thirsting for more.

Open daily for lunch and evening sittings, the restaurant is truly among the heavyweights of the London restaurant scene.


Diners with a hunger for a taste of the sea could do far worse than booking a table at Scott’s, with its private dining room able to cater for parties of up to 40.

Serving some of the finest oysters in the capital, as well as the freshest fish and crustacea that money can buy, Scott’s is the perfect choice for diners seeking a chic and less formal place to grab a great bite to eat.

The restaurant offers a full champagne and oyster bar for guests and is open daily from noon. It also offers a range of delicious meat, game and vegetarian dishes for those not looking for fresh seafood.


A contemporary Indian eatery with a flavour of the Orient, Amaya provides a stunning and theatrical evening of dining for guests, blending ancient cooking techniques with a novel and interesting decor that is sure to inflame the senses.

Providing an ambitious menu straight from the grill – incorporating traditional Tandoor, Sigri and Tawa styles – the dishes are all fresh, fragrant and supremely flavoursome, meaning diners will be spoilt for choice when it comes to an evening of enjoying perfectly prepared Indian cuisine.

With a Michelin-star already secured and a host of other top dining accolades, the restaurant is among the best for offering a true taste of India anywhere in the capital.

The Shed

The Shed is the brainchild of brothers Oliver and Richard Gladwin and is developing something of a reputation for outstanding foraged fare.

Focusing on a changing daily menu – dependent upon what is freshest and, above all, in season at any given time of year – the restaurant boasts an ethos of nose-to-tail cooking, meaning every part of an animal is used in the preparation of dishes.

Reservations and walk-ins are all welcome at The Shed, with diners advised that the only thing they really need to bring with them for a great time is an open mind and an empty stomach.

Kensington Square Kitchen

Finally, locally sourced, seasonal dishes are the order of the day for guests at Kensington Square Kitchen, with an array of delicious seasonal fare always on offer to the restaurant’s discerning clientele.

Owner and head chef Sara Adams believes in a relaxed dining experience for her guests and the atmosphere in the restaurant is both informal and fun.

Food is served all day, from breakfast to dinner and even beyond, with regular supper clubs being held to give diners a chance to try out new dishes, taste experiences and seasonal delights.