Where History and Art Collide: Must-See Places In Bayswater

Bayswater london

One of the most salubrious and sought after districts of Central London, Bayswater is also renowned as an area to make one’s base during a short-break in the UK capital. Here are some of the varied things you must make time for while you’re here…

Speakers’ Corner

(Hyde Park W2 2EU)

Established way back in the Victorian era and associated with the rise of workers’ rights and the socialist cause in the UK, this space specifically set aside for open-air public speaking and debate is generally considered to be the paved area that’s closest to Marble Arch in Hyde Park’s north-eastern corner. Anyone can take a plot in Speakers’ Corner and talk on practically any subject they desire, so long as they don’t mind running the risk of being disagreed with or even heckled! In its time, it’s been frequented by the likes of Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin and George Orwell and to this day remains a popular, nay iconic spot for exercising free speech.

Open-air artists’ exhibition

(Bayswater Road W2 2UH)

Should your stay in the capital (perhaps at Bayswater London accommodation) take in a Sunday, then on that day you must take a stroll down Bayswater Road along the railings that border the northern side of Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens. Why? Because here you’ll discover the longest – and, therefore, the largest – open-air artists’ exhibition not just in London, but anywhere in the world. Yes, along this mile-long stretch you can check out the vibrant, colourful and imaginative creations of a multitude of local artists – and, even better, as they’re being displayed in order to attract buyers, take one away with you as a unique London souvenir.

Tyburn Gallows

(Bayswater Road/ Edgware Road)

Where Bayswater Road and Edgware Road meet is where the notorious Tyburn Gallows once stood. An execution site throughout many of London’s early centuries where thousands of criminals met their maker, its site today is by a trio of brass triangles mounted on this junction’s pavement. A quick and easy highlight of the area that’s simple and swift to mark off your list of things to see – especially if you’re staying in one of the nearby Bayswater London hotels.

Hyde Park Stables

(63 Bathurst Mews W2 2SB)

Partly established as a riding ground for the monarchs and then eventually opened up to the general public, Hyde Park has a long tradition of equine-based pursuits that continues to this day thanks to its official stables. This establishment – one of the oldest functioning stables in the capital – not only allows anyone to hire a horse or two for a ride along the five miles of the park’s bridleways, but also caters for all levels of competence (experts, intermediates or beginners), owing to its commitment to happily hold horse-riding lessons too.

Alexander Fleming Laboratory Museum

(Praed Street W2 1NY)

Finally, if you can stomach the idea of stepping inside a hospital while on a short-break away, then you must give the Alexander Fleming Laboratory Museum (tucked away in Bayswater’s St. Mary’s Hospital) a visit. Dedicated to telling the story of the ground-breaking scientist who discovered the antibiotic penicillin in the hospital back in 1928, the laboratory has been painstakingly restored to appear as it would have done at exactly that time, while via displays and video you can unearth just how Fleming went about making his discovery and developing his finding into the life-saver we know it as today.