UK Travel Tips


London is one of the most advanced cities in modern day Europe. Its rapid developments in various fields like finance, commerce, arts, technology, transportation and the like have been very very imminent over the past few years. There have been a large number of people moving there. And what’s more, it has the fifth largest city GDP in the world, and is a very important finance centre in the world.

A lot of people who live here would love to commute, and this need has caused an increase in the transportation facilities that simplify life for such people. Higher the demand, so the supply. Newcastle, especially, has been one place where a large number of people travel from London, and train services for these people are not in the scarce.

Such services also have good offers, like cheap ticket costs if the tickets are booked in advance, which depends on how much early you book. Sometimes, booking onward and return tickets separately may turn out to be cheaper than buying one round trip ticket. There are similar schemes introduced to make the traveller’s life simple and offer him tickets at minimized rates.

There are trains travelling between Newcastle and London every half an hour, and hence the traveller’s do not have to wait for long. The ticket fares are also pretty considerate, and start at around £37.