Travelling Through Time In London


Few places in the world have a history as rich and as deep as London. From the olden times to the times of the renaissance and modern times of Industrial revolution, London has been through many events, big and small which make it the most interesting place to visit for a traveller. The most special part about London is that it still retains, and retains them quite well, the various landmarks and signs of an era gone by in the form of various palaces and monuments that are present in the city.

If you connect these relics systematically they present a timeline study for you to see every era and time period right in front of you; in form and very alive right in front of you. Yes, time travel is a possibility in London. You can go back in time and see and feel the culture of the times gone by and live in the London of the yesteryears. You can live the history of the city which went from being ‘Londinium’, a tiny settlement on the banks of river Thames to the bustling metropolitan called London that it is today.

The various monuments that will help you make this journey possible are the Westminster’s Abbey, the Tower of London, Hampton Court Palace, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Victoria and Albert Museum, The Cenotaph and of course, the Millennium Bridge. These places make you walk through what probably could have been the earliest times in London to the present day. One cannot but help to be overwhelmed by the journey and all that it encompasses