Travel tips… for those on a budget!


Come holiday season and we are ready to pack our bags and set out on a trip to some distant place or exotic location to have a wonderful holiday. The fact is that going on a holiday is real fun but can be very expensive and really stretch our budgets unless we plan our trip well. A popular misconception is that because you are traveling on a budget and want to save money, it means cutting corners to an extent that you do not have as much fun as a regular traveller. The truth is far from that as just because we travel on a budget we need not scrimp on enjoying a luxurious stay and travel and doing it in style.

If you have planned a trip to London this Christmas, then you could definitely have as much fun as a luxury traveller without having to spend a fortune on hotel bills and other expenses. How do you do that? It is through a fair bit of research and planning which will get you the same levels of luxury at a lower cost. Let us explore some ways to enjoy a fabulous holiday at a lower cost.

Piccadilly Circus

Finding the right Hotel Room

The most important thing when travelling on a budget is not selecting the first appealing room you come across at a low cost. In any city like London the location plays a key role to enjoy a wonderful holiday and for discount hotels Hyde Park is the ideal place.

You will some of the best hotels with excellent amenities and great festive season discounts like the Grand Royale London Hotel at a good price as long as book well in advance. As a matter of fact for budget travellers in search of discount hotels Hyde Park is a popular choice as it offers easy access to other parts of the city. Look around and carefully compare rates and facilities before selecting your hotel.

Look for the best Airline deals

Many people wonder if cheap airline travel is actually possible! The answer is it is very much possible but then as with hotel bookings you need to book airline tickets well in advance.  You will have the likelihood of getting the best price and remember to sign up for any rewards programs they offer along with a subscription to their e-newsletters (free of cost) to learn about the latest offers.

Decide when to book your Travel by cruise

If you plan a trip by cruise it is generally the norm to book up to a year in advance which will get you the best price. With both supply being high and demand low at that period you can be assured of getting the best prices on offer. Once the date of travel comes nearerand rooms are snapped up, demand rises along with prices. The only exception to this norm is during the final week or two before the trip is to begin, the company might scramble to fill its empty roomsand you could land a terrific deal. So either book well in advance or close to the end!

Resort Fees are liable to fluctuate like the weather

Resort fees are known to swing to either ends of the scale at different parts of the tourist season and year. They are a bit like a yo-yo that swing notoriously at different parts of the year. If you are planning to spend your holiday at an all-inclusive resort you need to confirm what all is considered inclusive. This would include the smallest things which you consider otherwise to be standard amenities. Therefore before you make a booking get a clear understanding of the resort’s fee policy, unless you are comfortable with shelling out a small fortune! If you are in doubt then it would be better to look for another resort and its all-inclusive package.

Explore the option of vacation rentals

If you have the option of going in for a vacation rental then explore it thoroughly. They offer a much more comfortable atmosphere than a hotel, especially if you are with the family and generally come with a well stocked kitchen. Think about the money you could save on food and drinks and the overall comfort for your family.

Use public transport

For those who are not used to life in a major cityyou might be a bit overwhelmed initially at the prospect of having to use public transport. The fact is that it is much cheaper than opting for a rental car besides far more comfortable when negotiating heavy traffic. You are on a vacation and need to relax instead of being caught in a traffic jam in a foreign city. Most urban cities in the world like London, New York and Paris offer excellent and convenient public transport facilities so make the most of it. It will save you quite a packet on paying for car rentals, parking and gassing up.

Explore admission free attractions

Most museums in the world offer free admission. So why pay when you can explore these beautiful places with the family without having to shell out an admission fee. Most generally offer certain free hours each week and even a free day in the month. You could learn about the history of the place by joining a free guided tour of the place and is a great way to spend the afternoon. There are even certain art galleries and other places that offer free entry, all it takes is a bit of research and effort to find them.