Top water sports around Paddington


Now that summer is here everyone will be looking for ways to keep cool, which means more ice-cream, hand-held fans and water sports. This season’s heat will bring people outdoors as they look for fun things to do in the sun. London is full of water sport activities and events that’ll give you chance to get active and make a splash this summer. From rapid currents to relaxing waterways, our guide to London’s best water sports will make sure your London summer trip will be one to remember.

Speedboat tour

Experience high-octane, petrol-fuelled fun this summer by darting along London’s most famous waterway on a speed boat. For those who feel the need for speed a race across the River Thames is sure to get your adrenaline pumping. Feel the breeze in your hair as you fly by some of the famous London landmarks such as Big Ben and The London Eye. This is perfect for a group of friends that are looking to have some fun during their city break. Put the throttle to maximum this summer and experience London’s waterways at high-speed.


Canoe and Kayak

If you’d rather slow things down and experience the relaxing natural flow of the River Thames then hop into a canoe or kayak for a peaceful paddle through the heart of the city. Take things at your own pace and get a better look at some of the iconic attractions as you float along the Thames. Experience the natural beauty of London by visiting more rural areas of the city and exploring Richmond-Upon-Thames, where you can see all kinds of wildlife and natural greenery.

Big Crazy

If you ever watched cartoons or action films and wished to be the character that was flying around on a jetpack, then this activity will let you experience the next best thing. You may have seen videos of people flying around using high-powered water jets and wished you could try it, well now you can. Strap your feet into the specially designed boosters and propel yourself into the air above the Royal Victoria Docks. Flyboarding is not as easy as it looks and will probably take a lot of practice to master but you’ll have a lot of fun trying to get your balance and fly along the water. This is definitely an experience you won’t want to miss out on during your stay at our hotel London Hyde Park.

White water rafting

The Lee Valley Centre was the home of all the major water sports events at the 2012 Olympics and is now open to the public. Experience the same rush that top athletes felt as they thrashed their way to the finish line through harsh currents and fast waters. If you’ve never tried this before then you should definitely put your rafting skills to the test and give it a go. The beautiful Olympic Village is a perfect place to spend a day with family or friends in the summer sun.