Top tips for your first trip to London

Trip to london

London is one of the most exciting cities in the world, and if it’s your first time in the city, then let us show you around. Here are our top tips for new visitors.

Trip to london

1) Work out what’s free

London has a reputation for being wickedly expensive, but don’t despair – there are plenty of free attractions to keep even the most intrepid travellers busy for a couple of days. First off, many of the major museums don’t require a ticket, apart from certain temporary exhibitions. You can explore the extensive galleries of the British Museum, the Science Museum, the National Portrait Gallery and more without spending a penny. Free comedy shows are also popular in the capital, and if all else fails, its extensive green areas and outdoor markets provide plenty of entertainment.

2) Go to the theatre

London’s West End is famous throughout the world for its incredible theatre scene, and tickets for shows can be obtained surprisingly cheaply in some circumstances. Each theatre is different. In some cases, the best value can be obtained by queuing up outside the box office before it opens on the day of the performance, or by heading to the TKTs booth in Leicester Square. In others, a student card is enough to knock a third off the price of tickets. Do your research before buying the most expensive ticket available.

3) Party all night… well, until 3am, really

London might not go all night – we Brits tend to start our drinking earlier so we can get home and sleep off the booze, thus enabling us to function the next day – but even though the majority of clubs and bars are closed by 3am, there is such a variety to check out that you won’t be sorry. From underground prohibition-style caverns to outrageous gay bars with topless waiters, you’ll find all manner of tastes catered for.

4) Stay safe

London is a fabulous city and largely has a good reputation, but you should exercise caution in all areas. Apply common sense, always carry a Tube map and the number of an authorised taxi service and you will be absolutely fine.


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