Top Tips For Planning A London Trip

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London is a city that spans 1500 square kilometres and 32 boroughs, nbot to mention tens of districts that all have their own unique identity. Quite the undertaking for a tourist then, especially if you’re only visiting for a few days and want to make the most out of Lodnon. Thankfully for guests of the Hotel Inverness Terrace London, your accommodation is incredibly central, making it very easy to find your way around some of the best attractions in the city.

But what about short trips? How do you fit in so much in so little time? There are a few easy prep steps that guests of afternoon tea Hyde Park hotels and other accommodation can take to fully maximise their visit to the city. This blog will explore some of the ways that you can fully enjoy and capitalise on what the city has to offer. From budget travel advice to simple tips for London weather, this blog will help you to enjoy your trip, however long, to its full extent. 

Tactical Accommodation

Tactical Accommodation

Knowing where to book your stay is key to enjoying your holiday in London. A starting point is central – easy to reach other areas from and teeming with attractions and landmarks. If the centre of the city feels too busy and noisy for you, then try looking to Zone 2 areas such as Highbury & Islington or Fulham for your accommodation. 

It’s also worth remembering that some areas have better transport connections than others, for instance the area of Bayswater – home to the Grand Royal London Hyde Park –  is situated on the Circle and District Lines and is a short walk from national train station Paddington. 

When To Travel

Flights, accommodation and crowding will all be affected by the time of year at which you visit London. Whether you’re reserving a ticket for a West End show or reserving a table at Hyde Park restaurants, waiting times will be far longer and demand far higher during the holidays. You might also save a lot of money on accommodation or travel – especially flights during off peak times of the year.

Consider A Travelcard For Longer And Busy Trips

Travelcards allow you to visit London and use public transport without having to pay for individual journeys. These can end up being a little more expensive than using your Oyster Card and utlising its far cap, but can save you money if you buy a week travel card and take more than three journeys a day. The travelcard can be bought from most automated ticket services in station or, if you’re unsure, from a cashier at your nearest station.

Capitalise On Oyster Cards

For less than anything less than three journeys a day for a week, use your Oyster Card to tap in and out of stations with ease. The Oyster Card does charge as much as a debit card for payments to use services, but it will help you to keep track of your travel during your London visit. Furthermore, if you own a rail card (over 60, under 25 or under 30), you can link it up to your Oyster card and enjoy a third off off peak public transport journeys. 

Know Your Fare Zones And Avoid Peak Times

Speaking of off peak, London is well known for its busy commuter hours. On top of feeling like a sardine in a can during rush hour on the Underground, you’ll also be paying up to a third more in single journeys. If you want to avoid a more uncomfortable journey that costs you more money, then consider avoiding the hours of 7 am to 9.30 am and 4 pm to 7 pm. 

Plan For Bad Weather

Expect bad weather in London. Though the summers can be nice, the weather cna flip on a dime, meaning that you’ll want to pack a raincoat for those oncoming clouds. You can expect an average in the summer you can expect an average temperature of 19 degrees C whilst in the winter you’ll be looking at around 6 degrees C average. Whilst summers can reach higher temperatures, it’s worth bringing that extra layer and sturdy, waterproof shoes to change into just in case the weather changes. 

But Enjoy The Good

London’s erratic weather patterns mean that when it’s great, the masses flock to the many beautiful parks of London. With so much green space to explore, celebrate the sun with a trip to royal parks, riverside walking routes and greater London forests such as Epping and Hampstead Heath.

Free Museums For Budget Fun

Free Museums For Budget Fun

London is well known for being an expensive city, but it doesn’t need to be if you plan accordingly. The museums of exhibition row are three of the most famous in the world whilst the British Museum is one of the most visited in Europe. There are many free events and permanent gallery selections that you can lose yourself in for no money at all.

Don’t Forget About The Galleries

The same goes for the city’s selection of art galleries. Whilst you will have to pay for a ticket to some of its temporary exhibitions – which is highly recommended as they can often be world renowned – the permanent galleries are also well curated and hold brilliant works of art. These free to visit galleries include the two Tate Galleries, the National Gallery, the Newport Street Gallery and the White Cube, all of which explore a diverse array of artistic styles and periods. 

Plan Your Days 

With so much to see and do, it’s well worth planning your days and events. Whilst rain may call off your outdoor excursions, you can plan alternatives with ease, especially in the internet era. Whilst public transport is generally well maintained in London, make sure to add ten minutes or so onto any journey you plan to account for delays and disorientation – the labyrinthian network of tubelines and tunnels can confuse even a veteran Londoner!

Get Out Of The Centre

Last but not least, it’s well worth mentioning that whilst Westmisnter and the ceremonial borough of the City of London have many attractions available to visitors, the rest of the city has plenty to offer too. Whether you’re here for a week or a day, each district of the city has its own identity and draws. Do some research before your trip to find the culture, fashion and attractions in zones 2 to 6 that most grab your attention – and plan your day around them using the above tips!