Top haunted places of London for adventure seekers

Haunted place

This blog is specially dedicated to the brave-heart and visitors who are looking for something off-beat and adventurous to do. If you are one of them, then below is the list of London’s most explorable, infamous and haunted places in London.

The Haunted Tube stations

Covent Garden and Aldwych

Famous for a tall man with hat and cloak wandering in the corridors of this station after dark, visiting this station will make you skip a heartbeat. The man is believed to be William Terriss who was murdered in 1897.


Visiting this haunted station will give you the chills. People say on quiet nights; loud and heart wrenching screams are heard at this station. The screams are believed to be of Anne Naylor, an apprentice hat maker who was murdered by her employer and her body was dumped at close to the station. 


From foul smell toa black shadow stalking the passages of Bank Station. This place gets as scary as it can. The black shadow is believed to be a black nun who is mourning in the tunnel for executed brother who worked at the old bank station.

The Haunted Theatres

Theatre Royal Drury Lane

This theatre is one of the most haunted places of London. Here you will hear the story of two clowns and a mysterious “Man in Grey”. Both clown were performers in the theatre and they haunt the stage, while the Man in Grey haunts the upper circle.

Dominion Theatre

The ghost in this theatre is believed to be of bar maid who died in the London’s Beer flood. She still haunts this theatre spookily.

The Haunted Palaces

Tower of London

With a history of executions, prisons and people being taken into captivation here, this palace is full of spooky corners, haunted places and stories that will give you goose-bumps.

Hampton Court

This palace has seen many dramatic incidents in its history. Therefore, this comes as no big surprise that this place has haunted stories to tell. The most famous story is of Katherine Howard’s screaming spectre.

The Other Haunted areas of London

Other haunted places to visit in London and test your brave nerve are the Bleeding Heart Yard Street, Berkeley Square, Poultry Geist in Highgate, Watch houses and many more.

You can even join one of the haunted tours by foot or on a bus in London , that take you around all the haunted places of London.

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