Victoria and Albert Museum

When it comes to finding a museum in the city of London, you will never have far to look. There are dozens of amazing museums dotted throughout the city and entrance to most of them is free of charge. Most of them cater for adults, children and large groups.

Though the venues are scattered around the city, many of the most popular museums are actually relatively close to the Grand Royale London Hyde Park Hotel.

Here are our pick of the top five, all of which are close to the hotels near Hyde Park and can be reached easily by public transport.

Apsley House

Apsley House was originally known as ‘Number 1 London’, which is an address you’re certainly going to remember. The building was the London home of the first Duke of Wellington and very little has changed since he was victorious at Waterloo in 1815. Since then, Apsley House has been used for a number of different activities and now it showcases one of the very best art collections in the city. Visitors to the museum can see paintings by famous artists such as Rubens and Velazquez, as well as an impressive collection of silver and porcelain ware. Apsley House is one of the nearest attractions to the Grand Royale London Hyde Park Hotel.

The British Museum

If you are staying at one of our hotels near Hyde Park, you won’t find yourself far from The British Museum. The British Museum is a vast museum of human history, art and culture. This museum hosts a wide range of activities and exhibitions throughout the year, and is a popular choice for school trips and tour groups.

Victoria and Albert Museum

Victoria and Albert Museum

The Victoria and Albert Museum is the world’s largest museum of decorative arts and designs, with well over 4 million different items on display. Named after Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, the museum was originally founded in 1852 and it has since become one of the most popular museums in the capital. The Victoria and Albert Museum often hosts special exhibitions and events, a lot of which are dedicated to fashion and music.

Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum is London’s most famous museum and is consistently one of the top tourist attractions in the city. This is where visitors will find exhibitions of dinosaurs, the natural world, animals and history. Whether you are interested in learning about evolution or want to see some of the life-size animal models, it’s a great way to spend a day.

Science Museum

When it comes to finding a hands on museum experience, it’s all about the Science Museum. Located next to the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum offers an IMAX, fascinating exhibitions and a large collection of science artifacts. It is especially enjoyable for children – and big kids too – as they can get involved with many interactive games and activities.

When visiting London be sure to find the time in your itinerary to check out some of the fantastic museums listed above, as they are an integral part of what the capital city has to offer for visitors. Whether you are visiting for educational purposes or simply want to explore more, a museum is the ideal rainy day activity in London.