Top 10 Green Attractions of Sweden

Sweden Attractions

Urnatur: An eco retreat that is a great place to relax in natural surroundings. It’s located in the Holaved forest on the eastern shores of Lake Vättern in southern Sweden. There’s a moss cabin, wolf’s cot, charcoaler’s hut, tree house and many other unique dwellings to stay in. You can try activities such as fishing, foraging, walking and canoeing.

Tree Hotel, Harada: This hotel in northeast Sweden offers individually designed rooms (including a flying saucer-shaped pod, and a mirror cube) suspended from living pine trees. The views of the forested valley and nearby river are breathtaking. Stay in winter and you may well see the Northern Lights.

Nutti Sami Siida: Stay with the indigenous Sámi people of Sápmi (Lapland), and you can join an expert local guide on an eco adventure. You could stay in a lavvu tent and sleep on a bed of twigs and reindeer skins.

Växjö: This small town has made huge efforts to create a sustainable environment. It aims to be fossil fuel free by 2030 and is increasing the amount of renewable energy it produces, while most citizens use green methods of transport.

Linköping: Linköping is building a 54-metre high triangular shaped greenhouse in the centre of town. It should be ready for food production next year.

Aurora Sky Station: Up in northern Sweden, you have a great chance of seeing the Northern Lights. At the Aurora Sky Station in the Abisko National Park, a chairlift takes you up to an observation tower from where, if conditions are right, you’ll be treated to a spectacular light show.

Klaräven River rafting: Join Vildmark Adventures to build a raft and sail it on Sweden’s mightiest river. You’re given all the logs, ropes and other equipment you need, then you must build what will be your mode of transport and home for anything between one day and one week. Stay under a tent on the raft, or pitch it on the riverbank.

Kolarbyn: This is an eco lodge in a forested area northwest of Stockholm, which contains 12 woodland huts that blend perfectly into the forest background. They feature beds with sheepskin covers and a fire (you must chop your own wood). You can also forage for food, learn bushcraft skills and go wildlife spotting.

Stockholm Outback: This tour picks you up from your hotel and takes you 30 minutes out of the city for a three-hour exploration of the local flora and fauna.

Augustenborg: This eco city, near Malmö is home to a massive roof garden. It was created on top of a once run-down housing estate, which residents had been leaving their homes in droves.