Things to do in London – Attractions and Activities

Buckingham Palace in London

London is the capital of the United Kingdom, and one of the most populated cities in the European union. It is the largest metropolitan on the UK, and has people who speak more than around 300 languages within its boundaries. London is one of the leading and advanced cities of today, with high level of arts, commerce, fashion, healthcare, medicine, finance, media,research and other areas, all of which justify it being one of the most forward cities of Europe. It is also the world’s leading financial centre along with New york.

Apart from these, London has also been described as the world’s cultural capital and not without reason. The number and types of events that take place today in London would make any patron of the arts and media agree. Almost every fortnight, we find some famous event or the other coming up which seems to literally be the talk of the town, and such events eventually turn out to be the cynosure of all eyes that roam the city.

One such event very looked forward to, is the Easter holiday treat every year. This year, its going to be the three little pigs that leave home, setting off to the other side of the river to make their homes and lives, and about how a wolf tries to stop them. It’s a perfect blend of traditional “The Three little pigs” and “The three Billy goats gruff”, and with some light music and a hilarious puppet show, seems to be the best way to spend April Fool’s day. Travellers staying in the lovely the Grand Royale London Hyde Park hotel will find all top attractions easily