Things that you must visit in London


If you are a first time visitor to London and plan to hit the tourist trail,there are loads of places to explore and visit in the city that you will be overwhelmed with options!

London is a city that offers something for everyone,whether young or old. There are so many attractions that you will fall short of time to explore and see most of them in the city on a first time visit. That is why you need to plan your travel itinerary in a way that you can take in most of the prominent sites during your visit to the city.

The very first thing is to find a hotel that is centrally located, like the Grand Royale London Hotel which will offer you convenient access to most of the tourist attractions in the city. Most tourists to London like to opt for accommodation near Hyde Park because of the excellent connectivity it offers to different parts of the city. You will have to book your hotel room well in advance if you plan to travel during the holiday season. You will find that the accommodation near Hyde Park is suited to all types of budgets with even premier hotels offering some great discounts and promotional offers, at different parts of the year.

The city offers a multitude of varied attractions of which some of the more prominent ones are:

Oxford Street: This is one of the busiest high streets and best known shopping area in the city. You will some all premium brands sold here with some of the largest branches of the most popular shops. You will find all the major designer brands have their flagship stores and it even houses the oldest record shop (HMV) in the world. Of course if you plan to shop extensively here you will need to pack a fat wallet as prices here can be amazingly high! It is said that if you cannot find what you want in Oxford Street, you probably will not find it elsewhere.

Camden Market: One of the more affordable places to shop at especially if you have a tight budget is Camden Market. It is known to be one of the city’s coolest areas with a never ending array of stalls and shops which sell a wide varieties of clothing (new, second hand and retro), along with jewellery, handicrafts and a diverse assortment of goods. If you like grabbing a bite there are some great multicultural restaurants and outlets that offer some great food.

Camden Town

Tower of London: This iconic castle was built close to a thousand years ago, and is known to be out of the best preserved and one of the most famous historic structures in the world. It has a varied history having served as a prison, the monarch’s residence, site of executions, an armoury and home to the Crown Jewels, not to add the spectacle of the Beefeaters and the ravens. It is a majestic landmark that inspires awe and excitement and considering its history is a great place to visit for history buffs.

St. Paul’s Cathedral: It is known to be out of the most recognisable buildings in the whole of Britain and also its best known place of worship. It has served as the focal point for numerous state occasions and was designed by Sir Christopher Wren. It was built around 300 years ago after the previous building was damaged and destroyed in the Great Fire of London. It truly is a magnificent feat of architecture that has a rich and glorious history and houses monuments, works of art and colourful mosaics besides the well knownWhispering Gallery. It also is used for regular church services and if you feel like it you could attend mass here on your visit.

National Gallery: For those who are art lovers, there is no better place to visit than The National Gallery which houses some of the greatest collections of European art on the planet. It houses works that span across the ages from about 1250 to the 1900sand includes such well knownmasterpieces like Botticelli’s Venus and Mars, Van Gogh’s Sunflowers and lots more. You could spend a whole day here admiring the artwork and still feel to want to spend more time here.

British Museum:This historic institution was founded over 250 years ago and can lay claim to being the city’s oldest and perhaps most prized exhibits. In fact, the museum building itself is renowned as being one of the nation’s finest architectural landmarks. Within its hallowed walls you will find a priceless collection of art and antiquities from prehistoric times and of cultures that span two million years. It houses such invaluable artefacts like the Elgin Marbles, the earliest known image of Christ and the Rosetta Stone among countless other treasures.

London Eye:When it comes to modern landmarks, the London Eye is perhaps the most famously recognisable iconic attraction of the city. You can get the most spectacular view of the London skyline and all its major attractions from the top of the wheel and is definitely worth a visit. You can even order a glass of bubbly while being aboard a capsule on the London Eye, although admittedly it certainly is not for the faint of heart.

These are just a few of the many magnificent attractions that London offers visitors to the city. It is the perfect city to have an enjoyable and memorable holiday.