The fascinating things in London

Piccadilly Circus

London is one of the most prestigious cities not only in Europe but in entire world. Though London, the capital of UK is totally democratic today, the city has still got a majestic approach. The palaces, the buildings, the squares, the statues and some structures standing here and there still speak about the European monarchs who had ruled the area several centuries back. London has always been a haven for the travelers and tourist attractions are scattered all over the beautifully set city on the bank of Thames. If you want you can go for a city trip and visit all the spots mentioned in travel guides or may enjoy your time exploring and experiencing the cosmopolitan grandeur of the city which is a nice blend of traditions and the contemporary.

Streets and plazas in London:

Apart from world famous spots such as the Westminster Abbey, London Eye, Big Ben and Buckingham Palace, streets and plazas such as the Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus, Oxford Street and Bond Street are also places worth visiting in London. Situated in the prestigious West end of Central London, the Piccadilly Circus is famous across the world for its majestic look and more importantly for the enormous scope for shopping that it offers to the visitors. In fact Piccadilly Circus is known as a shopping street because it makes way to the biggest shopping district in Central London. The Piccadilly Circus is actually a junction where four major streets of Central London-the Shaftesbury Avenue, Coventry Street, the Haymarket and the Glasshouse Street meet each other.

Neon signs at the Piccadilly:

The biggest attractions of the Piccadilly Circus are the video displays and neon signs mounted on a building in its northern corner. At evening, the dazzling and glowing neon signs turn the atmosphere electrifying. The most glowing neon signs are of Sanyo’s, Hyundai Motors, Samsung and McDonalds. A few years back a special LED screen named the Piccadilly Lite has been installed below the neon signs of McDonalds and Samsung. The screen is given for short and long term leases to companies for advertising their products. Another thing that catches the eyeballs of the visitors is the Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain and the Statue of the Eros, an archer.

Famous shops at the Piccadilly Circus:

The Piccadilly Circus also allures the shoppers with some attractive names such as Swan & Edgar, having a departmental store on the West of the Circus, Lillywhites and Fortnum & Mason. Swan & Edgar is however not operational now and the building has turned into the flagship store of apparel brand The Sting.

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