The Big Three: Where to Travel in London

Natural History Museum

What is the most exciting thing about visiting a place you have not seen before? It is not the hotel that you have booked nor it is the flight journey, it is the most famous attractions of the place which pull people towards these cities and make them popular. Even though almost half of London’s tourist population is formed by business executives, its tourist attractions can be credited for its immense popularity all around the world. So what places are these which people travel seas to see and what is so special about them, let’s find out. Here is a list of three places in this iconic city that you cannot miss and should not miss. Any London trip would be incomplete without these big three –

The Natural History Museum – Yes a museum. This museum is no ordinary place. It is one of the most amazing places to be in. Honestly how often do get to see things that existed millions of years ago. Biggest creatures the planet has ever seen dinosaurs and blue whales all in one place. There are so many unique things which cannot be listed in a few lines. Just remember, do not judge this museum by its price because even though entry here is free, everything else is priceless.

The London Eye – Some would say that it is way too expensive but a bird’s eye view of a city that has witnessed remarkable events over centuries and still stands as one of the greatest metropolitans of the world cannot be missed. The world’s highest observation wheel will take you on a 30 minute ride of one of world’s most well known cities.

The Bond Street – If you come back from London without shopping from the world famous Bond Street, it is plain criminal. This place is more than just the fantastic stores and breathtaking collection; it is a place which has a lot history attached to it, a place which is the manifestation of the culture of this city. You simply have to take in the feel of this place which was meant for fashion.