The best places for wine tasting in London

Wine Tasting

There’s no better way to relax and unwind than with a glass of fine wine. Whether you prefer red, white, or rosé, London offers some of the world’s best settings to indulge in a glass or two – whether in a fine restaurant or a boutique wine and spirits shop. If you’re visiting the Hotel Grand Royale Hyde Park soon, here are some of the best London restaurants and wine tasting venues to tempt your taste buds.

Wine Tasting

The Sampler

Why you should visit: The Sampler is a wine merchant established just over ten years ago. Here, visitors can sample some of the best wines from around the world. Over 80 different wines are available to sample each day, meaning you’ll be spoilt for choice no matter when you arrive. They also hold sessions with some of the world’s foremost wine makers. However, the ethos behind The Sampler is to make wine ‘non-elitist’ – so even if you’ve never forayed into the world of wine before, you’ll be more than welcome here.

How to get here: The Sampler is on Thurloe Place in the heart of South Kensington. This makes it incredibly easy to get to from the Grand Royale Hotel. From Bayswater Station just around the corner from us, travel down the Central line to South Kensington Station, and follow the helpful instructions here.

28°-50° Wine Workshop

Why you should visit: While it is primarily a restaurant, the 28°-50° Wine Workshop and Kitchen was established with wine in mind, so of course you’re guaranteed to taste some of London’s finest wines here. 28°-50° is a sophisticated setting with a relaxed atmosphere, and you’ll be presented with an extensive wine menu every day of the week.

How to get here: 28°-50° have three locations across London – They can be found on Fetter Lane, Marylebone Lane, and Maddox Street. The Marylebone Lane restaurant is just 10 minutes away from the Grand Royale Hotel via the Central line from Queensway to Bond Street, or it’s a relaxing half hour stroll down the edge of Hyde Park.

Wine Tasting Tour

Hedonism Wines

Why you should visit: Hedonism is a unique wine boutique in the heart of Mayfair. It takes the Crème de la crème of wines and spirits, and offers regular tastings for visitors to London. They have informal ‘drop-in tastings’, which are open to all members of the public. As Hedonism Wines is a renowned and well respected boutique, they also host wine and spirit tasting with special guests from breweries around the world. However, the popularity of these events means tickets need to be bought well in advance.

How to get here: The Hedonism boutique is just 15 minutes away from the Grand Royale by tube. Travel down the Central line from Bayswater to Bond Street, and it’s just a three-minute walk down Davies St.

If you’re a wine lover, you can’t afford to miss out on the best London restaurants and venues for wine tasting, and the Hotel Grand Royale Hyde Park offers the perfect base to experience them all!