The Bayswater London Shopping Zone

Westfield London Shopping Centre

The main Bayswater, London shopping area is in Queensway. It’s near both Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens and is a real shopper’s paradise. There are many shops strewn across the place but the showstopper here is The Whiteleys Shopping Centre. It’s a big mall full of swanky shops and brands. There is a cinema theatre and plenty of upmarket restaurants for the in-between-shopping breaks.

Start out with a late English breakfast, glance through shops and then visit the mall. Take note of the restaurants on the way and grab a seat there for lunch. With the number of pubs and cafes around, you can spend a whole day eating and shopping here. And if you are looking for something to pick for friends and family back at home, you must visit the many souvenir shops that the Bayswater, London shopping area so pompously shows off.

Bayswater is largely a residential area with budget accommodation facilities. It doesn’t mean that there aren’t any luxury hotels here. A little further in Hyde Park, Kensington and Paddington, you’ll find some good three and four star hotels. But if you are planning to visit London, particularly Hyde Park and Bayswater areas, Grand Royale London Hyde Park is the place for you.

This four star facility combines fine amenities and rates for a comfortable stay. The exciting part is that it has a special package for the shopaholics in town. The package includes an overnight stay in a double room, complimentary breakfast, champagne and a free transfer to Oxford Street. Which of course you can’t afford to skip if you plan to shop in London.

Oxford Street is near Hyde Park, not too far from Bayswater and has very manyshops and brands for you to pick from. Again, there are ample restaurants, pubs and eateries for the little hunger pangs.

Bayswater, London shopping zone and Oxford Street are particularly popular because of the easy conveyance to and fro from these places. Most places around the London city are just about 25 minutes away. All you have to do is find a tube station and hop on. There are also buses and trains that’ll connect you directly to London.
So happy shopping!