Tech lover’s guide to Paddington

Science Museum

Geeks, nerds and tech lovers rejoice if you’re heading to London. The city is a technological paradise full of shops, attractions and venues where you can discover all kinds of gadgets, gizmos and scientific wonders. From ancient machinery to cutting edge robotics, your mind will boggle at the number of technological secrets to uncover.

We’ve put together a guide to London for business travellers and technology lovers outlining the best tech hotspots around Paddington, an area known for being forward thinking. To make things easier for you, our top suggestions are all within easy reach of our hotels in Hyde Park.

Science Museum

Science Museum

Exhibition Road, London

On the other side of the famous greenery, a short walk from our hotels in Hyde Park, you’ll find a treasure trove of science and technology. The Science Museum is home to one of the world’s largest collections of technological devices and scientific apparatus. With everything from antique medical machinery to futuristic robotics, it’ll feel like you’re on the set of a Sci-Fi movie as you stroll through the epic halls. Interact with the in-house robot and find out how the world of artificial intelligence is evolving or browse the collection of ancient machines and discover how past civilisations led the way for the development of modern technology.


Oxford Street, London

Take a trip to the famous Selfridges department store and inside you’ll discover a treasure trove of gadgets and gizmos. RED5 is one of the leading tech shops and specialises in everything from high powered binoculars to lasers. Big kids and tech enthusiasts will find all sort s of things to fill their shopping bag with. Check out the latest speakers or see what cool spy gear you can get your hands on. Whatever gadgets you’re into, RED5 is sure to have what you’re looking for.


Edgware Road, London

If you’re looking to stay on the cutting edge of current technology be sure to take a trip to Maplin and check out the latest products to hit the market. The British electronics giant is renowned for their professional service and outstanding knowledge of the tech industry. Whether you’re hoping to grab a pair of the latest headphones or you’re not quite sure about the best tablet to go for, the guys in blue can offer you decades of knowledge and expertise. Tech lovers will get lost for hours browsing the amazing range of products at Maplin so be sure to head over to Edgware road if you’re looking for your next tech fix.

Google Campus

Bonhill Street, London

Admittedly this one is a little outside of Paddington but it is definitely worth the Tube journey if you’re truly passionate about technology. Over the last decade, Google has set upon a mission around the world to create a number of open spaces for entrepreneurs and would be tech developers. The concept was to create a platform for discussion and idea generation in a creative environment. Head over to the London campus, engage with other tech lovers and discover some of the latest projects in the world of online technology and mobile software.