Tate Britain and Simon Sterling

Tate Britain Art Gallery in London

Tate Britain was authentically discovered by the generous donations of the tycoon and sugar magnate Sir Henry Tate. The Tate has a triple gallery in UK, including Tate Modern based in London. It houses masterpieces from Britain’s artists and is renowned for owning the massive assortment of British art starting from 1500 to the present time and the collection aims to connect historic and contemporary British art. It is located at Millbank, London.

Simon Starling, the contemporary artist, who lives and works in Copenhagen and won the Turner Prize in 2005 by creating the ShedboatShed. This awesome creation was made out of a dismantled wooden shed on the banks of the river Rhine and created a boat which he sailed down the river before reassembling it into a shed again in a museum. The same mastermind has been invited to embark on a new project, this time for the Tate Britain Commission. His task is to create a masterpiece for the majestic Duveen Galleries, the renowned galleries of the Tate which has been instrumental in showcasing some iconic modernist works for the first time in the country. The Duveen Galleries had been constructed to showcase the Parthenon sculptures and was administered and described by Sir Joseph (later Lord) Duveen in 1931. This was the American architect John Russell Pope (1874–1937. The gallery was given a complete form in the year 1939 but damaged at the time of the Second World War. It was reopened in 1962.

Starling weaved his abstract and intellectual ideas to create the ‘Phantom Ride’ which is a must see for all visitors of the Tate galleries as one of the major attractions for this year. Entry would be free from 12th March 2013 to 20th October 2013 to catch a glimpse of his intelligent work. The inspiration behind his present work is none other than early films. His work aims at taking visitors on a walk down memory lane reuniting the neoclassical austere space of the Duveen galleries with its past exhibits as Phantom Ride would take you on a swooping virtual tour through this gallery’s past on massive gigantic screens.

The Phantom Ride is an eventful and neat idea beautifully placed in time and space and perfectly realized. Behind this work Simon Starling has invested intense research on the galleries past taking viewers on a journey back in time when modern art was used to be visionary and give a glimpse into the future. Starling’s work focuses on the past, yet retains its genre of contemporary art. Starling’s work is a soothing and invigorating gift for contemporary art lovers who would ambulate between the old and the new as Starling endeavors to weave the past with the present.